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  1. I have an Electric Magic shirt ...exactly the same, but the colors are different it makes me sad Because those colors are so beautiful!!
  2. I dont feel like watching... But I have to say no. Id still want to see Jimmy and John Paul, and Jason, but it just isnt Led Zeppelin without Robert.
  3. I said Over The Hills and Far Away, but I also really love Dancing Days and D'yer Mak'er.
  4. I had to choose Immigrant Song, I love the way Roberts shakes and thrusts his hips in the video... Orgasmic...
  5. Of course I said yes, but I was so tempted to say Zeppa Who?
  6. I just love Bring It On Home. The blues beginning is great, its exactly the same as Bring It On Home To Me in the beginning, right? Then its just WOAH... one of my favorite zeppelin songs.
  7. Ive always had a few...well actually my dad, he has a few.. Led Zeppelin, he bought it when it came out. The Song Remains The Same The Fourth Album, on 8-track Led Zeppelin II, on 8-track ...Umm I think he has more, but I just cant find them
  8. Im 14. ...I just like the fishy I grew up on zeppelin, thanks to my dad.
  9. ...Even though it doesnt sound really hippie-ish, Ive always thought Dancing Days because of, "I got my flower, I got my power" Flower power!!!
  10. Im sorry, but how is that a "Nazi" outfit? I dont see it... Oh wait.. just the hat? okay..I think I see now, its a nazi hat?
  11. Yay!!! He should be #1...What was Rolling Stone thinking? I love VH1
  12. Thats amazing...lol and wow for your first try?? > I think you lie! Haha no, Im just jealous.
  13. That guy is pretty good, but he is no where near as hot as Robert... ...He just isnt very attractive to me.
  14. Sometimes when I look at Alice Cooper...he looks a little like Jimmy to me.. ...Okay I just looked at some pics and I just might have to say...nevermind.
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