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  1. I said Over The Hills and Far Away, but I also really love Dancing Days and D'yer Mak'er.
  2. Of course I said yes, but I was so tempted to say Zeppa Who?
  3. Urg...The quote button isnt working for me..lmao I dont know But at eternal light, lol dont worry, I have it on my phone. Ill just keep looking for it online because I forget where I found it... Just to make this clear, he had his pants on lmao, the way I put it made it sound nude...
  4. Hey can someone help me?? I need a picture.. Does anyone know the picture with Robert having his legs spread far apart, and little Robert Anthony is right in your face? And Robert has his viking beard...I used to have it until my memory got all erased.. and I cant find it anywhere...
  5. Oops...ignore this, I thought I could post a pic.. yea
  6. It took me 3 days to get through this whole entire thread, and it was so worth it. I saved every single pic, thanks all of you :DD
  7. Omg... I need to get out of this thread, its too much for me... I cant breath...too much eye-gasm...
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