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  1. I would hate to be in charge of all that physical cash, very stressful. Meanwhile back at the hotel...
  2. Hi Steve, I'd kill for a copy as well, and any others if that's doable.
  3. It's 4 in the morning, I've had too much to drink, been out with the boys. I'd like nominate this as the most fucktard thread ever. Carry on.
  4. After conquering these many and mighty goals together, you never go back to just being band mates, perhaps on the surface but not really. It may not be all "band of brothers" etc. but it's closer to that than just business partners. There's a deep connection between band mates that's unlike all other relationships, at least in this case.
  5. Howard seems to have very nice teeth. Too nice.
  6. I don't know if it's American's or just NY'ers but they like to complain a lot. I've played with a few Ny'ers in various bands and they're not that stereotypical tough that you hear about, they just bitch and moan about everything.
  7. Was Tampa 73 as big as 77? It looks to be the same amount of people. I assumed 77 was bigger.
  8. He was the 5th member remember?. He was loyal and had ideals that he tried to live up to, a code. He failed sometimes as we all do but this guy tried and battled. He'd be the first in my camp any day, be it a band or hockey team or business. For every bad thing he did there was a million good things he did as well. Being the 5th member for all those years is significant.
  9. ^^Funny you used the term jumping the shark. Bron shooting at the dragon reminded me so much of Chief Brody shooting the shark. Seemed to have everything but the "smile you son of a...".
  10. Would you be able to tell us where in Moby Dick? Like on a youtube link or something? I'm very curious to hear this.
  11. Noel Monk was VH's tour manager and he bitterly complained that the manager should've been out on the road more. Perhaps not to the extent of Grant but more than a few shows. I'll have to re-read as to why, it's in his latest book.
  12. Are you guys talking about the difference between the album and film?
  13. Also, the intro to the Montreal 1984 show was incredible too. The lights, the audience, introduction, pacing, feels like you're there. I'll shut up now
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