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  1. our company gets product from ThyssenKrupp, I never noticed either. I saw a work truck at my gym a while ago and the company name was Out on the Tiles, thought that was pretty cool.
  2. thanks, yeah I think they've changed hands or something, I hear alot more "softer" tunes for lack of a better term, definitely some new personalities as well.
  3. It's interesting hearing about all the stories about people who grew up in that era, or shortly there after. I was born in 87 and I wasn't really into music at all as a kid, mostly began when I got my license, when I started listening to classic rock and it was awakening. All the 90's stuff I didn't care for, I still can't get into the grunge stuff, all I listen to was 20 years before my time. I think my first eye opener was when a friend/cutomer at the bike shop I was working at through in a cd of his, I remember him saying listen to the bass in this song. The song he played was the Lemon song. I heard about Zep before but never really knew alot of there stuff and couldnt pick out one of their songs. That was the end of that. Now a little different then most of the stories of going and buying lp's or cassettes, I went home and downloaded a bunch of Zep songs and I immediately fell in love with the typical singles like Black Dog, Communication, Immigrant, Kashmir...ironically the first time I listened to Stairway I didnt know where the hype came from, but after listening to it a few times more, it came to me. I then went and bought the early/latter days cd's but I needed more. I would then go on a spree of searching for zep cd's, buyin IV first then I ordered I think I, II AND III off ebay and then searched all over music stores for any others I didnt have. I completed my collection, buying the TSRTS and How the West was Won DVD's which were mesmerizing and finally completing it with BBC sessions which is one of my fav to listen to. I think of all Zep's songs, the one's I enjoy most aren't the ones you hear on the radio all the time, and I just love the live versions, it was like listening to a whole new song. I've listened to all the classic rock, having Pink Floyd phases, The Beatles, Dylan, Hendrix, the Doors, Young...I can't care to listen to much new music, and for the past 2 months all I've played on my ipod was my Zep library. I gave up arguing with friends cause they just don't understand. I won't even try to get into it with one of my best friends who is in love with Cobain, we just leave it be, it is what it is. Zeppelin got me into music, and showed me that music wasn't about fame and fortune like it is today. That at one point in time people played music because thats what they loved to do and didn't care about everything that came with it. It showed me what music really was.
  4. I hope you're right about the DVD release, then it will be worth the wait
  5. wow I am amazed to see so many people from the london area, when I listen to the radio I flip back and forth between the Hawk and FM96. I'm from St. Thomas and sometimes the hawk isnt quite clear but I ahte when FM96 overplays new songs anywhoo yesterday I heard kashmir on fm96, looks like they played misty mountain hop earlier this morning. Anyone know if the hawk still does "get the led out" at 5pm?
  6. too many but all the ones stated, Ten years gone (live) thank you all my love since I've been loving you (live) rain song of course bron yr aur I'm gonna crawl tangerine ..probably more I cant think of right now
  7. I was on that same page, the basketball and figure skating movies sucked but this was one of his good ones, he wasn't playing the same old ron burgandy role to the T in this one. I liked it alot, I'll put it up above Anchorman
  8. I've searched everywhere and havent found anything on this except the boogie chillun', it's alright mama and fixin to die lyrics. I was wonderng if anyone knows f theres a complete writing of the lyrics to the bbc sessions version to whole lotta love medley.
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