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  1. So many great ones... Heartbreaker, Bring it on Home, The Ocean, Kashmir. Actually screw making this list, there are two many to choose..
  2. I''ve been tryin to play the guitar chords for NQ, but the c#m gets the better of me, every time. Any tips on how to properly play it
  3. Looks like 'stroked'... Thanks for the posting that Steve.. Awesome.
  4. I wouldn't take National Nine News as credible. It is tabloid journalism, dressed up as being responsible and hard hitting. Doesn't exactly have a history of great journalism... But here's hoping...
  5. Well, I can play basic notes, scales pretty well, on your run of the mill C diatonic harmonica. It's just the more complex stuff, note bending and such, that is proving difficult to get. Plant on Bring it on Home/Back on HTWWW is exquisite... That's the goal.
  6. esraym

    Time to move on...

    All this stuff about Plant not making a definitive statement, and that possibly signalling indecision, is very sketchy. The world does not work with iron clad committments, you don't know for sure what's around the corner. People don't rule things out all the time. It's called keeping your options open for the future! But that does not mean there's any more to read into Plant's remarks. His misgivings at forgoing the great thing he has with AK at the moment is clear; no point talking about a 'lack of an iron clad statement' as a reaons he may reunite with JPJ and JP.
  7. As above. I would like to learn, but don't really know how to properly start. Help?
  8. Listened to Back in Black the other day, and it struck me how similar it sounded to The Ocean. Another Zeppelin influence
  9. Some great stories in this thread, very nice to hear... Rock Historian; nice music man, good luck with it! As for me... I'm 17 Only really discovered Zeppelin about a year ago.. It was a revelation. I had never really got into music before, and the first song I heard, Kashmir, blew my mind. Second was Black Dog; amazing stuff. Both on Youtube, after my Beatles infatuated dad decided he wanted to get the led out... The pop stuff of today just doesn't really o it, but Led Zeppelin is masterful. So diverse, so damn good. Music for every occsaion, every emotion. Have been getting into
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