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  1. Hear Hear Mate! It's a sad world when we can't call up our local dj and tell him what we want to hear!
  2. We all have that passion Deborah. There's a line that should drawn between archivism and sheer stalkerism. Anyone can go online and find most of the info they seek about this band. We don't need a self proclaimed "archivist" to fan his own glory,especially on this site...probably the reason why many purists "left" this site. "Left" it long enough to watch him 'crash an burn'. I really can't believe it's taken this long...Enjoy the band and it's music,not it's itinerary,for cryin' out loud!!!
  3. Funny how the "old guard" understands this madness! We are still one! Jahfin is an old soul who's credibility deserves more merit than SAJ could ever understand...ever...
  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Can't believe you're still here,must be a testament to your intestinal fortitude!

  6. HAPPY BD Rorer!!

  7. Knock Knock Joel...not talking?



  9. I'm too old to change!;)But I was old enough to make changes!

    Don't YOU ever change. :)

  10. Thank you for the lovely comment!You put a smile on my face with every post! Love you back!

  11. YOU'RE never on IGNORE with a schizophrenic!

    A true FAN who loved Zeppelin since before the 80s is a gem in my book.

    Love you mate! xxx

  12. You're awesome. Don't change.

  13. *rolls eyes*

    Love you Sweetie :)

  14. Not even a remote chance. Her hubby would bury you Stevie. Great pic Mrs brspled
  15. Keep up the good work of speaking truth to--well, I won't say power, because don't they wish? ;-)

    Isn't North Carolina the home of Chapel Hill, and other fine hillbilly haunts?

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