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  1. Hear Hear Mate! It's a sad world when we can't call up our local dj and tell him what we want to hear!
  2. We all have that passion Deborah. There's a line that should drawn between archivism and sheer stalkerism. Anyone can go online and find most of the info they seek about this band. We don't need a self proclaimed "archivist" to fan his own glory,especially on this site...probably the reason why many purists "left" this site. "Left" it long enough to watch him 'crash an burn'. I really can't believe it's taken this long...Enjoy the band and it's music,not it's itinerary,for cryin' out loud!!!
  3. Funny how the "old guard" understands this madness! We are still one! Jahfin is an old soul who's credibility deserves more merit than SAJ could ever understand...ever...
  4. Can't believe you're still here,must be a testament to your intestinal fortitude!

  5. Knock Knock Joel...not talking?


  6. I'm too old to change!;)But I was old enough to make changes!

    Don't YOU ever change. :)

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment!You put a smile on my face with every post! Love you back!

  8. Not even a remote chance. Her hubby would bury you Stevie. Great pic Mrs brspled
  9. I didn't see "banned" on any of his posts as lzr.
  10. Collaboration and and a keen sense of a "photographic memory" is the key Steve!
  11. I see the resemblence Mary Ed Hartman
  12. I'm going to try and get up with the DJ that was here during that period.He was well respected in this area at the time and I believe he worked from 76 til the early 90's.I talked to him on a few occasions and he really enjoyed Led Zeppelin.
  13. I still think that was a live simulcast Steve. I sat in my living room and listened to it in 86 (in quad) I thought it was a great performance,Jimmy was definitely "on" that night! Any luck finding out whether or not it was?
  14. There's nothing hotter than a chick with a hockey stick...nuff said!
  15. Cheap Trick would be an awesome show.I wouldn't mind seeing them too. I may check out Joan Jett next weekend in Raleigh.A free concert at Moore Square Park.It's part of the Summer Concert series...We saw Candlebox there May 30th and they kicked ass!!!
  16. Great pic songbird! I think we're ready to boot you out of the nest! I'm sure you'll come out swingin'
  17. You're too hot to be arguing with!
  18. I still think it was a live simulcast,was it not?
  19. I recall the Cleveland gig being a live simulcast on Westwood One.I listened to it here in NC.Jimmy was great that night and I tried to tape it but my machine fucked up.I'm sure that anyone could have gotten a decent recording... I tried to get my friend in Cleveland to go see it but he was really sick at the time.He still regrets not going.
  20. Those crawfish look awesome Al.I love those things! You and your friend Tina look good too!
  21. Go tell it to someone who gives a shit.This ain't no fundraising thread you idiot...If children were to depend on you for food,they'd starve. Give it up,you multibanned windbag.
  22. I'll duel with you when I have the time What kind of ruse have you come up with now.Seems like you like to deflect your Edness.
  23. Once a Donkey always a donkey. Are you sure your name isn't Pat,Ed? I like the smiling Elisabeth by the way! Nice pics ElectroWinger.
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