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  1. I've been a Tarheel fan since the early 80's. I'm gonna miss that guy. I've been to the Dean Dome and it's a magical place! RIP Coach!
  2. A lot of us were friends of his on facebook and kept in touch. I'm going to miss his wit and our college basketball and baseball chats. He was a Kentucky Wildcat fan and I a Tarheel fan. We had lot's to talk about! Most of all, I'm going to miss his friendship and the love he had for all his Led Zeppelin friends, it was extraordinary!
  3. Very nice Paul! A true gentleman and friend. He will be sorely missed. RIP Levee
  4. Hear Hear Mate! It's a sad world when we can't call up our local dj and tell him what we want to hear!
  5. No,not off hand. Though it's been a while since I've been on here. Deduce the clue.
  6. "hardly ever" implies that you have on occasion! Hmmm? Some of us Old Stiffs are married to younger members!...just saying...please me jr.
  7. That's no way to talk to a Master Gunnery Sergeant,PFC. He'll kindly rip yur 'ed off and crap down yur neck! Then again...hmmm...I'll side with the Master Guns!
  8. I wasn't kidding when I said that you've got to see them live! Your Cliff Notes match mine,Strider!
  9. Only if you've met Strider's demarcation line,other than that...probably not...
  10. Aqua,ZosoDragon and I saw them open for Jack White in Asheville. Amazing band! Was just as tickled to see them as Jack! We're virgins compared to Aqua though. She's seen them multiple times!
  11. Can't escape the doctor! Ten toonies on the way! IS a great year! Know what you mean Strider, but the oldest of friends that I've ever known have reappeared in my life after 40 years. It's kind of cool.Long stories...
  12. We saw Jack White in Asheville on May,19th and they opened. Do not miss this band if you have the chance to see them. I looked forward to seeing them as much as Jack. Brittany was outstanding,the whole band was outstanding! They do a blistering version of How Many More Times! http://youtu.be/wbDJW2oK7zw
  13. Always burpsled to me! She's a pal on fb. Awesome Brazilian! Hell, we were all born in '62. Credit? You said it! There's quite a few '62's on here!
  14. Probably! You started a birthday thread for him last year at this time and it popped up.Has it been a while since you were on too?
  15. Strider,you are certainly Old Guard. Officer status: General. Sir, your call of duty has been quite impeccable! Oh, and welcome to the 50's club! Happy belated birthday! We're still comparatively young to some of our old mates here! Can't say I'm really back and I can't vouch for our other friends,though we do keep in touch! They say,"You can never go back."...
  16. How the heck have you been Lakey? Haven't heard from you in a dog's age! Almost literally! You are most assuredly part of the Old Guard,you're one of the first persons' that I taked to on here.You probably don't remember. Nice to see that dancing Snoopy again.
  17. I bit it when I posted it,funny how that Karma thingy works!
  18. Crow eaters, malevolent tossers, gloaters and a fistful of stalkers! Where's that Del fella when you need a superhero? Ahahahahahaha! Okay,that was uncalled for, I sincerely apologize!
  19. I know one Brazilian who'll be as happy as a clam!
  20. I'll back that up as a fan of 70's music! Edited to say "SOS"
  21. Sorry Charlie,only the best tasting tuna gets to be Starkissed!
  22. Always have been amazed by Jimmy's "chicken picken" ! The yodeling shows his diverseness...per usual!
  23. I've been doing great Strider! Thanks for asking. How the heck have you been?
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