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  1. i'm in the process of forming a band, my friend suggested the name "mindstroke" from an article he read in the newspaper. what do you guys think? is that a good name?
  2. I think Abbey Road had a pretty big impact on rock n roll.
  3. yuck neither. if i drink which is extremely rare, i like raspberry cisco
  4. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080908/ap_on_...death_microwave I'm not going to talk about it, if i do i'll get carried away and say things i should regret but wont anyway. just read it
  5. I hate having facial hair, i started to grow a beard when i was 17 but it was really light so i shaved it, i grew a freaking mustache when i was in 8th grade, im in 12th grade now and it hasn't grown at all, it is still as light as it was in 9th grade so i don't mess around with it, people always say it looks nice so what the hell? i hate hair in general, i keep my head shaved too, it just gets really annoying.
  6. hey, i'm a big Led zeppelin fan. i grew up with them among others such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, and Aerosmith, oh yea and the Eagles too. I'm a guitarist and Jimmy page is my biggest influence. I think jimmy page is Amazing, his guitar skills surpass all others. Next i would say is the guitarist for Aerosmith, i'm not sure of his name though. A little personal info on me so you know who your talking to: I was born on October 24th 1989, just a week after the 1989 loma prieta(sp) San Francisco earthquake. I'm a senior in high school, i want to go to college next year and study either
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