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  1. Was that the Seattle '77 version?
  2. I think Keith Moon wore something similar for a Who gig in LA in '77. May not be LA or '77 but I remember a picture and him saluting. Actually it was in the book called Rock and Roll Babylon or something like that
  3. Kids will be kids. I feel bad for the one who fell on the guitar. I always tell them to be careful and I always get ,"yeah , yeah, don't worry." Now they will be. At the least they are making music, having fun and they all love Zep. Could be worse. They could be out smoking crack and stealing peoples shit. Won't dip a sandwich in the wine but will pour a little on the steaks.
  4. More like another bottle of Chardonnay but that will get me in shit.
  5. Thanks. And with you Aqua, an extension to Knebby regarding apologies as well. Very bad day today. Last night my son was jamming with his band here in my home studio/rehearsal space when one of the boys fell over and broke the headstock off of my Les Paul Studio. It's not the value I am concerned with but more sentimental value since it was given to me as a gift by a dear friend. I will get over it
  6. I apologize on speculating that you speculated on something I was was(n't) speculating with the above speculate. Sincerely apologies Aqua. You understand my comments and that's fine with me
  7. Maybe it's because he is surrounded by the twang. You know if you hang around country folk long enough, you pick up on the intonations (spoken sounding like Dolly Parton with a hint of Elmer Fudd)
  8. The reason I spout off is because I made a statement basically saying anything with regards to what anyone from Zep said is possibly subject to change. That's it. And I have people telling me I am wasting time with that speculation!! Huh. That statement was intended to infer Robert or anyone from Zep may or may not change their minds in the future. How do you know what is in Robert Plant's head? If he stands by his statement till the day he dies, I really couldn't give a flying fuck. If he changes, great. It is only when people like me add an innocent suggestion, and it is met with a co
  9. Is Robert capable of changing his mind? Maybe we should check with you and Knebby first since you seem to know his every move and thought. I know what Robert said, thank you very much. I am saying regardless as to his statement or anyone elses, it may be subject to change. If you can tell me it won't for absolute certain, tell what this Saturday's lotto numbers are as well. And by the way, I don't care if Robert ever sings a song again or if Jimmy burns his guitars. The point made, again, was that anything is subject to change regardless as to this, that or whatever statement. And if
  10. Seems Americana has it's hooks in Robert. From how he used to sound it appears he has nearly lost his English accent.
  11. No one knows what will happen so saying Robert might or may not join the rest of the boys is a moot point. No one knows what he will do, or any of the rest of them will do. Speculation either way is a waste of time. When the 4 people involved make a statement of their plans, whatever they are, we will all find out together.
  12. Sorry about the multiple posts. Thundering and lighting here. Modem was going in and out.
  13. Eric Johnson is a fine player but has succumbed to, like so many other fine guitarists, the boring muse of continually playing the same phrases over and over. I saw Eric Johnson several years ago in Texas and he was great,...but,,..would go right to the edge with a solo and then, like clockwork do the same descending phrase he does all the time. ARGGGH. I was waiting for him to just go off but instead he played it save, yet again with his signature riffs. Very disappointing for someone with such creativity and complete control over his ability. The other guitarist that does this over and ov
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