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  1. Bet it wasn't only Southern Comfort. Thanks for the info. Lots of fun imagining those times. Let's hope if the tapes you speak of are found, and are not damaged
  2. Thanks. Thought maybe backstage Texas State Fairgrounds in '69.
  3. Here's a Janis Joplin question since today is the anniversary of her demise. Way back she apparently made off(made out) with a young Bobby Plant. When, where did it happen and was that there only meeting( in a tryst sort of way.)?
  4. Jimmy used to hate flying, even admitting he had to get drunk to do so(may have been toungue in cheek) Is he still a nervous flyer? Also, do any of the other band members have any phobias?
  5. Nobodies fault but mine has some solid harp in it. LA '77 is better imo but this is Knebworth
  6. I knew Page was in the same room with Hendrix. Just wasn't sure if they spoke GW: Speaking of Eddie Kramer, who worked closely with Jimi Hendrix: Did you ever jam with Hendrix? Page: No. And I never saw him play, either. This is a good story actually, back in the late sixties, I went right from working with The Yardbirds, to touring and recording with Zeppelin, and that kept me very busy. In the first two years of any band, you just work solidly; if you're going to make an impression that's what you have to do. We were no different. In fact, we probably worked for three years straight. Anyway, every time I came back from tour and Hendrix was playing somewhere, I would always say to my self, "Oh I'm just so exhausted, ill see him next time". I just put it off and of course, there ultimately never was a next time. I'm really, really upset with myself for never seeing him. I really wanted to hear him. Now, did I ever meet him? I did actually go into a club in New York called Salvation, and he was there, but he was totally out of it. He didn't really know who anybody was -- he was barely conscious. Somebody was just kind of holding him up. It is just kind of a shame that I never really had a chance to talk with him or hear him... I heard his records, naturally, but it would've been a thrill to see how he worked things out on stage. That's quite another ballgame, as you know. http://www.iem.ac.ru/zeppelin/docs/interviews/page_93.gw
  7. Read it in a Page interview or somewhere. Might have been in the Peter Grant excerpt I read online, not sure
  8. Page said he met Jimi Hendrix once but never jammed with him. When and where did he meet him and for what purpose other than just to meet him?
  9. Are there any other photos of homes currently or previously owned by Zep members? I heard once that Peter Grants country estate was fabulous. Funny question also. At one time, I think all of Zep smoked cigarettes. Aside from Page, do the remaining members smoke, and does Jason?
  10. Frank Zappa(as did Ted Nugent) once said that Jimmy Page was the most overated guitarist after claiming to watch him from backstage at a gig where the Mothers of Invention and Zep were on the same bill. Any idea when and where that was? Also when and what gig did Bonzo pour orange juice over Alvin Lee during Lee's set? Where Zep playing the same gig or just hanging out?
  11. Did Clive Davis ever try and win Peter Grant and the Zep back after the boys went with Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic after Clive and RCA didn't want to sign Zep to such a large signing fee?($200,000 was it?) There paths must have crossed somewhere. Maybe when Zeps contract expired with Atlantic?
  12. After Plants car accident in '75, rumour has it that Page wanted to take the band out as a trio. Any truth to that?
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