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  1. I think your right. And at the beginning of Achilles Last Stand, the intro isn't Jimmy's guitar, it's actual a harpsichord
  2. Not a fan of Myles Kennedy. Don't think he would do the Zep catalogue justice. Maybe Jimmy can recruit Alisson Krause
  3. I think therein lies the problem that people are arguing. Plant has repeatedly stated he is over Zep, has moved on, has no interest in rehashing the same songs, has moved in other musical directions, wants to experience other forms of music etc etc etc,...yet continues to play Zep tunes with who ever he is playing with. The only time I recall Jimmy Page saying he wasn't willing to do anything regarding Zep was when he was involved in his own projects, (solo, The Fim etc) and only in response to a reunion, not the playing of Zep songs. I know Plant has said he doesn't want to reincarnate Zep. Fine. But saying you have moved on and want to explore new horizons and trying to distance himself as far from Zep as possible, all the while playing Zep tunes with everyone else smacks of hypocrisy.
  4. That's a nice thought. I am sure that your bubble is secure knowing he is human, like most of the rest of us do.
  5. Never said I agreed or not with anyones opinions. And I find it has been done to death also, but that wasn't my point
  6. Yeah,..it's getting as tiring as people putting Plant above and beyond reproach to any criticism. People have opinions. Whether or not you like them, you have to accept them for what they are. If you can't do that, try and add something constructive to counter an opposing view. Discarding someones opinion as tiresome shows a level of adolescence and lack of understanding of basic communication skills. Albeit some comments are uncalled for, it is your responsibilty to rise above,...no?
  7. Maybe so but as a musician I think Jimmy is stronger than Robert is now. Page has not played this well in years and quite frankly, even though Robert pulled off the O2 thing, I think he would be terrified to go and do even a 10 city tour for fear his voice would crap out on him. Raising Sands is wonderful and as soon as someone transcribes it to musak it will sound great in elevators, but it ain't no strain on the old vocal cords
  8. You're right. Hot Dog smokes though. Tall Cool One isn't that bad. Maybe it was the Coke commercial that did it for me. I dunno. For the record though and having listened to Zep for 35 years, there are only two Zep tunes I don't like. Hats off to Roy Harper (ate too many magic mushrooms when I was 16 and my friends played that song over and over) and The Crunge. Weird. Not bad though. 2 out of how many.(And Plants solo stuff I like except,...)
  9. Yes I was the one who called Cool Tall One pop schlock, and in comparison to Achilles Last Stand, Kashmir or The Rain Song,...it is. And no need to turn the speakers up. It only gets more annoying. But that's just my opinion.
  10. You mean In The Light like this; Check out the tent they are playing under at 4:25
  11. Is this event sponsored heavily by Rolling Stone Magazine. Only the 20's something posse at Rolling Stone with all there infinite knowledge could come up with this, no?
  12. Not a fan of Ovations. Find that their reputation precedes itself in the sense that because rockstars play them,that they are quality. It is one of the poorest guitars I have ever played. Way to trebly. Can't sit down and play it. Argh. And waaaayyy over priced. And if you want to change the battery(in some models) make sure your hand is small enough or else you won't be plugging it in since your hand won't be able to take the battery out. How that made it past the planning stage is brutal. But the neck is very close to a LesPaul which I like. Takamine I find are very consistent for the price as well as Yamahas
  13. Saw him once opening for Robert Plant way back, '85 I think. He stole the show with out a doubt
  14. You can be anyone or say anything on the internet. Usually vagueness means bullshit
  15. I dunno. I think Joe Perry is quite a fine guitarist, and does resemble Jimmy at times but, his style is a little different. Nothing wrong with that. Lots of bootlegs have Robert sounding like Elvis for a moment. Maybe in Roberts world, groups who borrow from Zep is ripping them off or aping them but sounding like Elvis is a homage. Bit of a double standard. And taking a pop song and dressing it up? Not a great place to be coming from? Ahem,...Tall Cool One. If that isn't pure pop schlock dressed up I don't know what is. I would rather listen to Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive rather than Tall Cool One anyday of the week.
  16. Bet it wasn't only Southern Comfort. Thanks for the info. Lots of fun imagining those times. Let's hope if the tapes you speak of are found, and are not damaged
  17. Thanks. Thought maybe backstage Texas State Fairgrounds in '69.
  18. Here's a Janis Joplin question since today is the anniversary of her demise. Way back she apparently made off(made out) with a young Bobby Plant. When, where did it happen and was that there only meeting( in a tryst sort of way.)?
  19. I think because when Jimmy and Robert were out seperately playing Zep tunes, there may not of been the discussion of possibly reuniting. Assuming, and this is a big assumption, perhaps Robert and Jimmy did discuss a Zep tour after Robert finished his current gig. If during that time Robert changed his mind while the rest of the band was practicing, with Plant saying he doesn't want to do Zep, while playing Zep tunes with Alison, maybe Jimmy took it personally. I dunno. I really have a hard time understanding what it may be like when the whole world is dying to see you play only to have one person, a very integral part of the group not wanting to participate.
  20. Looks like Page needed some help here apparently leaving the premier of TSRTS. At least he is enjoying himself
  21. I think Jimmy and Roberts relationship took the hardest hit when Page hooked up with Coverdale. That would be kinda like dating your ex-wifes sister(Sorry Robert, karmas a bitch sometimes) If I remember correctly, Page was at Plant to do something and Plant was waxing and waning about "what a great soul partner, what a great collaborator Phil Johnstone was," for him and well, Jimmy said screw this, if I can't have Plant, I will have the next best thing. I would bet Plant never got over that and now, not that Robert is using Alison Krause to piss off Jimmy, ,...but you have to wonder how much Robert is loving it that Jimmy is pulling his hair out cringing over that band playing Zep tunes when by all rights, it should be him. And Zepp 4 Life - don't agree with everything you said but understand where you are coming from with the angst these two have for each other at times
  22. Jimmy used to hate flying, even admitting he had to get drunk to do so(may have been toungue in cheek) Is he still a nervous flyer? Also, do any of the other band members have any phobias?
  23. Steve Winwood would be a hot ticket for sure. It would be very disappointing though not having Plant there, and I certainly would miss Jimmy's take on some of the Raising Sands tunes!!
  24. Nobodies fault but mine has some solid harp in it. LA '77 is better imo but this is Knebworth
  25. Nice idea but the logistics would be a mess. And also if that happened it would be limited amount of gigs like the ARMS shows. I really couldn't see anyone commiting to it also, at least not big names, if the majority of the tunes were Zep tunes. Maybe newbie rock stars but not the old stock.
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