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  1. I knew Page was in the same room with Hendrix. Just wasn't sure if they spoke GW: Speaking of Eddie Kramer, who worked closely with Jimi Hendrix: Did you ever jam with Hendrix? Page: No. And I never saw him play, either. This is a good story actually, back in the late sixties, I went right from working with The Yardbirds, to touring and recording with Zeppelin, and that kept me very busy. In the first two years of any band, you just work solidly; if you're going to make an impression that's what you have to do. We were no different. In fact, we probably worked for three years straight. Anyway, every time I came back from tour and Hendrix was playing somewhere, I would always say to my self, "Oh I'm just so exhausted, ill see him next time". I just put it off and of course, there ultimately never was a next time. I'm really, really upset with myself for never seeing him. I really wanted to hear him. Now, did I ever meet him? I did actually go into a club in New York called Salvation, and he was there, but he was totally out of it. He didn't really know who anybody was -- he was barely conscious. Somebody was just kind of holding him up. It is just kind of a shame that I never really had a chance to talk with him or hear him... I heard his records, naturally, but it would've been a thrill to see how he worked things out on stage. That's quite another ballgame, as you know. http://www.iem.ac.ru/zeppelin/docs/interviews/page_93.gw
  2. Read it in a Page interview or somewhere. Might have been in the Peter Grant excerpt I read online, not sure
  3. Page said he met Jimi Hendrix once but never jammed with him. When and where did he meet him and for what purpose other than just to meet him?
  4. After reading Plant's media statement again, I think it is just a smoke screen. Afterall, what is he going to say while touring with someone else, "Yeah the Zep tour starts in New York and ends in LA,",....no, he is more professional than that. But if he doesn't come back,....then forsure he is banging the fiddle player with a voice of an angel.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if Robert said he would not be a part of a Zeppelin tour as a rouse just to take the pressure off and have people pay attention to what he is doing now, without the bs. He will tour with Zep again, when he is ready. The question if that happens is will he have missed the window of opportunity if the other band members start other projects. Nah,...he's done. Never going to happen again.
  6. You mean you wouldn't have to grunge. I'm with you on that one. Good singer, does a nice falsetto but seriously lacks range(minus the falsetto)
  7. I have to wonder if Jimmy will take the chance to cheapen Zeppelin to the point where some people feel alienated because of it. If he thinks his fan base, led Zeps fan base won't care, then I imagine he will do it. But it may come off as shady and preconceived and overly commercial if it doesn't live up to expectations and that will blow the whole aura surrounding Led Zeppelin as far as I'm concerned. The mystique is still thick as molasses and it isn't lost on anyone young or older. I'm afraid going out with a replacement is risking a 40 year reputation,..to some degree. Or even more if they do go out with someone like Dave Grohl. Good Lord, if that happened Led Zep would lose a lot of respect from alot of people.
  8. Absolutely correct. I have to admit, having seen Page over the years,..ARMS '83 (very brave but very rusty), Detroit '88 (raring to go but just fell short), Toronto '95 (very good but still needed second guitar to make it happen). But O2. I couldn't believe he played that well. Shades of '77 or even '75. Jimmy Page has something to prove because being the perfectionist he is, he knows since the end of Zeppelin his reputation was Zeppelin, and there ain't nothing wrong with that at all, but he has taken some flack since and probably feels his reputation has carried himself more than he would like. And he isn't stupid. He knows that not only will a hot tour with comparisons to Zeppelins heyday be running rampant, the money and glory can and will change music again, like In Through The Out Door and the demise of disco, and salvaging a slumping record industry which all is ,...deja vu again but with fluff instead of disco ruling the charts. He will go out. And Robert will make his grand appearance to show the world who's the boss, one more time. It's in their blood. Thay can't not do it.
  9. But who knows. Maybe Page said if you don't do it, we will replace you,..to which Robert could have thought, hah I have already done it. Beats me,..I don't hang in that circle
  10. I understand that. The point I am making is that the rest of the band are rehearsing for a potential Zeppelin tour and Plant says he isn't interested, yet continues to play Zep tunes. If he isn't interested, why play Zep tunes to begin with. I still see it like a slap in the face. After all they aren't just Robert Plant tunes. They are Led Zeppelin tunes.
  11. It isn't that I'm disappointed that Robert doesn't want to return. It's his life and his choice. It's the blatant hypocrisy of him continually saying that Zeppelin is done and over, that he has moved on,..yet every band that seems to surface with him in it,...PLAYS ZEPPELIN. So,...does Jimmy and the rest of them have the right to feel betrayed? If I were Jimmy, I would!!
  12. Yeah sounds pretty raw. Good to see Reb Beach riffing out
  13. I listened to Randy Jackson from Zebra and I like him much better than Myles Kennedy,...but it's that cheesy falsetto that drives me nuts. I know as Plant get's older he uses that cheesy falsetto for the high stuff since he isn't 20 years old anymore, but that's ok,.I understand. But having other singers do it just rubs me the same way. If Plant is replaced, please pick Chris Cornell. He has the least cheese to offer. And please not Coverdale. Plus if by any chance if Jackson got the gig, he could do guitar parts as well, like the guy from the Cure (Robert Smith???) did for Page/Plant in the 90's
  14. I heard the Kashmir clip and wasn't really impressed. Does well for Creed type stuff though. If the boys came to town and this guy was singing, I would pass.
  15. Are there any other photos of homes currently or previously owned by Zep members? I heard once that Peter Grants country estate was fabulous. Funny question also. At one time, I think all of Zep smoked cigarettes. Aside from Page, do the remaining members smoke, and does Jason?
  16. Just listened to Dallas '73 and must say, Page was inspired that night. Robert sounds really into also all the way through.
  17. I hope this isn't a joke. The last time I heard something like this was in Toronto, around 1990 and the radio station there, Q107 did a concert promo for a Zep gig. You know how the thing goes,..some guy with a deep voice with reverb on it, saying the reunion of the century, one night only at the CNE bandstand, live, the best best in the world,...with sound bites of Zep tunes in the background. I heard the guy in charge of that joke got fired after about 100,000 people called crashing their phone system. Asshole. Can still remember it thinking,..no fucking way. If they do tour though,, me and a few buds are going to make the 8-10 hour drive to MSG. Saw the ARMS benefit show there and besides,...where else to see Led Zep than in New York.(also gives me a chance to slip around the corner to the Blarney Stone on 8th and have a burger)
  18. Just checked out Myles Kennedy and I don't think he would fit Zeppelin. Maybe Pearl Jam or Creed or something like that. Maybe new stuff but definately not Zep material.
  19. Was getting ready to go to school (grade 10) and heard it on the radio. Was shocked. Then saddened because I knew they would cancel their tour which I was to attend in Montreal, the first stop of the '80 tour. Still have the clipping from the newspaper from that day.
  20. Letting my memory listen to those awesome bass drum triplets and double symbol crashes. John Bonham,...what a shame, what a waste, what a loss,...to think what might have been.
  21. I think if Plant were to be replaced, Chris Cornell would be awesome. Dave Grohl,...just because he kisses up to Page like there is no tomorrow just doesn't have the presence to sing Zeppelin tunes. Having said that,..watch Grohl get the gig if such were to happen
  22. Yup, I was 15 and a couple of weeks away as well from the 1st date on the tour scheduled for Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Would have been my first out of town concert to attend. I guess a bad case of what is and what should never be.
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