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  1. Nice boobies...errr, SMILE! I meant to say smile!
  2. I agree with everything he said. It wasnt a dig at Zeppelin. It wasnt some macho brag about the Killers ebing on a par with Zeppelin. It wasnt some arrogant declaration of the Killers being the best bad out there. He was simply voicing his frustrations about people sticking their heads in the sand and not listening to any new music. Granted, most of it is garbage but then, thats always been the case. I always think of the 70's a s a golden age but take a look at the top 40 (singles and albums) from any random week in the 70's and you'll see plenty of crud in there.
  3. Here's a zep mystery for ya......how come a good drum fill by Bonzo makes me grin like an idiot.....every damn time!
  4. On the song Thank You....am I hearing Bonzo joining in on backing vocals?
  5. Dont listen to the people who tell you that....
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