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  1. Well if they wrote i would expect it to have their fingerprints all over it!
  2. Definite Zep signature to it?
  3. The song is really good or the fact he done it is really good?
  4. http://www.torontosun.com/2011/05/02/bonham-releasing-zepesque-track Hmmm, seems a bit naughty to me.
  5. Yes but that talent would've started to pull in too many different directions. We've already heard that Page and Bonham wanted to get back to a heavier style, which i don't believe Plant would've been happy with.
  6. Personally, i think it would've been awful in the 80's. And, i also think RP would've bailed, anyway. He looked (and has hinted at in interviews) that he'd had enough of it.
  7. I love experimentation. I've loved a lot of RP's solo stuff. I love the acoutic stuff, i love the 'out there' stuff, i like the 'subdued' stuff i love all kinds of music. I just find these two albums dull. You don't. In which case i have to question your hearing.
  8. http://www.rockaaa.com/news/jimmy-page-has-new-tracks-recorded-1266 Whey hey! Actually, on reading the article it's not quitae as exciting as the healing and first paragraph suggest!
  9. Oh, i don't know .....they're both incredibly dull.......
  10. I've enjoyed a lot of RP's solo stuff but this is just soooooooooo freakin' dull!
  11. Yep. he knows exactly what he's doing when he makes these little pronouncements.
  12. Do you think that's maybe aimed at someone in particular! Cant argue with him, though.
  13. gazz

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Because he doesnt want to do it! Which is perfectly reasonable. A half hearted performance by someone who doesnt really want to be there would be a sad sight.
  14. That was more my point. Yes, compared to many, many other basses it's very well priced, especially for a signature model. But 2 grand is 2 grand.
  15. gazz

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Grumpy old bleeder
  16. Q: After the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion show in London, you seemed to show minimal interest in a full-scale tour. Is that still your viewpoint? A: I’m really proud of (Zeppelin bassist) John Paul Jones because he’s in a real, living, breathing rock band (Them Crooked Vultures, with Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters). He and I communicate more, now that he’s a rocker (again). So we all go about what we do the way we do it, and who knows? I can’t predict anything at all. It’s just good to keep it going and keep rocking." And, once again, with a album of his own to plug, Robert puts out a tantalising little glimpse of hope. There IS a pattern here, although maybe he's not even aware of it himself.
  17. I WANT ONE!!!!! Although i'd hardly call 2 grand 'competitive'!
  18. Or maybe, like me, they just really didnt like the album and didnt want to say so. Or sit and lie about it by pretending to be impressed.
  19. The whole thing sounds pretty disfunctional. Was there absolutely NO mention whatsoever by the other. None at all? (although that is understandable up to a point). Did he ask them about it? (along the lines of "did you get the album lads, what did you think?) Or did he just sit and brood on it and wait for THEM to mention it (which would be sooooooooooo wrong!)
  20. I wonder if he rushed out to buy the zooma and the thunderthief and praised jpj. He sunded like some spoilt little kid, there.
  21. So what if he is broke. Maybe that is the reason for the lawsuit. It really doesnt matter, though, the man is clearly entitled to a payout.
  22. I've been amazed at the amount of time given over to the awful Bon Jovi! The first 2 episodes seemed like one big ad for them!
  23. So, i was intrigued to hear this. Vocally I think she does a fine job. The biggest disappointment for me is the appaling job done by Steve Vai! As a guitarist i guess he'd have been licking his lips over this one but it sounds like awful 80's hair metal. Also the drums are sooooooooo weak.
  24. gazz

    DVD O2 news?

    Seems crazy not to release it but i get the feeling if it ever does get released itll be a while yet.
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