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  1. This topic should stay on the top of the list-at all times. Everyon can relate to this sort of story and we all feel the power of zeppelin in a similar way.
  2. This link is posted above you from RH. Thanks for doing this thread Bong-Man. Well deserved topic.
  3. The three shows I witnessed were all great. Very good attendance and I'm sure it was sold out. It was a different time back then and most of the people there were Page or Zeppelin fans. I used to have my stubs but I've traveled and moved so much over the last few years, I don't know if I still have them. I'll post one if I run across any. One of the highlights of the concert was The Chase. They jammed for 20 minutes or so, each taking a solo spot in between. Pretty cool! They were tight
  4. 1985 - May 5th Pittsburgh, Civic Centre 1986- May 25th & 26th Concord, Concord Pavilion
  5. Zepp 4 Life, WHO ARE YOU to say the story is far fetched??? Were you there? It's a crazy, unbelievable story, I'll agree, but how do you know it didn't happen. Let me ask. Have you ever done anything crazy in your life? Something nobody would believe, something dangerous? I'm sure you have. We all have. So don't say it's bull just because YOU don't believe it fully. Just say it's hard to believe. That's more fair and polite than telling someone their basically full of shit. That's the kind of stuff that pisses people off on this site (including me) and not to mention rude. Sounds like Roc
  6. What's up RH. Still jamming with your tunes. Let me know when you album is available.
  7. Thanks for the link. It's a great way to pass the time if you are around a computer. I see that this station is also a link to other sites such as "The House of Hair", "The Undergroung Garage", etc. It's informative for new music news, tours, album releases, etc.Once you join the site you gain a chance to win "Workforce Employee" of the week. You get to pick the songs played during the lunch hour for the week. Very Cool. I like stations that get the listeners involved. Nice post Rock!
  8. I'm always chilled out my friend. Just pointing out what you said- at your request.... Lets keep Zep alive whether it be through RADIO or your collection- that what this sites all about -
  9. your convinced you can "beat this radio station" , "who needs to listen to a radio station playing Zeppelin when you can play your own songs as you wanna hear them" just sounds a little cocky to me. Don't think those comments where helpful to the thread-didn't require a comment at all- that's my point...but enjoy whatever it is you do-it's your thing
  10. RH, that's great story man. I felt like I was there with you. I have similar memories of how I got hooked on Zep, but that's for another time. Zeppelin are the foundation for which all other rock bands are be measured. Stop and think-they never wrote a bad song. That's amazing! almost scary You can't say enough about thise guys. They just had all the right numbers. There influence on music is un-matched. 30 -40 years latr the music is just as strong. That's speaks volumes. I left you a comment about your band too. You guys have some serious material. You don't hear people making music
  11. Nothing new really, I just like to re-visit things I haven't put on in a while. The early Judas Priest is something I found interesting. Porcupine Tree is a really good one (new music) and I also just discovered a band on this site called Endora's Mask. Really impressive stuff, solid rock! Also King Crimson is another gem I re-discovered.
  12. I was simply commenting on a cool radio station. It's that simple. If you would rather listen to your own reccords-do so. Yeah, everybodys got a great collection of Zep, including me, but people still listen to radio. (If you own a DVD does it mean you don't watch the same movie on TV?) There's always gotta be one smart ass/ complainer in the crowd I suppose...WHY??? It's a cool radio station- regardless of your collection There are people out there who appreciate this kind of info ZEP LIVES (thanks for the post RH)
  13. There weren't too many other songs on HOTH that would fit the time frame of a single. Dancing Days was the B-side. The only other one that would fit would be The Ocean or maybe OTHAFA. It is an odd choice though. That's one of my least favorites from them particulaly due to the constant moaning of Roberts vocals. I still love the tune, but it's not a direction they were bound for, they were just having fun.
  14. The Meters-new orleans funk. John Bonham really liked this stuff. Some old Metallica as well. Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets Also checked out some music on this site in the OtherMusic/Bands section called Endora's Mask. Anyone hear these guys? they can play. Also, Jeff Beck -Blow by Blow, awesome fusion/rock.
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