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  1. What I wouldn't do to have been born in the 50s. Being a teenager in the 70s, getting to see REAL rock bands, not the crap we get nowadays, and going to Zep concerts. What more could you ask from life. I get so jealous of my dad when he's talking about all the bands he went to see- Deep Purple, Rory Gallagher e.t.c, strangely never Zeppelin though. We can all dream...
  2. Dropkick Jimmy!!! LMFAO!!!! Yeah this would've been all over the news if it was true.
  3. Wow great pics!! I've never seen them before, or clearer, so sorry I cant help you.
  4. The way I see it, is that when people don't understand or don't like things because they are different, they immediately hate them, which leads to connections with the devil e.t.c. I think this happened with Zep. They were loud, different, origonal, no-one had seen anything like them before. People were unsetteled by them and the rebeliousness they caused in young people, so they didn't like them, and tried to find ways to make them bad. People who aren't open-minded don't like things that they don't understand. Also, Pagey having an interest in Crowley didn't help. I personally don't t
  5. Yeah, i know what you mean, it does sound bright and cheery. It was the first zep album I actually bought myself (not my parents buying it for me) and I have always loved it.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the forums! For your questions: 1) I think the quickest place would be on the news. 2) Umm...the led zeppelin official website would probably post a link to a site where you can buy tickets. Hope that's helped a bit
  7. According to Jimmy: in through the out door-it's the hardest way back in.
  8. "Been a long time since I rock and rolled!!" "Hey hey mama said the way you MOVE.." "As I walk down the highway all I do is sing a song..." "Ahhhhaa...I can't quit you baaaaaabe"
  9. wait, i've changed my opinion...EVERYTHING!! Especially live stuff
  10. Yeah, I can't wait for the real DVD to come out! The shops are gonna be crowded when it does lol.
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