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  1. oops, ran out of space to write....so here we go again!!!!

    hope you had an amazing and peaceful Christmas too.....big virtual hug to you

  2. Well, yeah, christmas was great.....although th week before it was the most bicycle riding I have done in ages (Have a three month temporary job as a mailman to make some extra bucks.....and Xmas post is an overwhelming amount of paper to deliver.

    we are also blessed with the freakiest tree in history...the lights have a glitch that make it go disco from one moment to the other, haha.


  3. you too, sweety...have a good xmas?

  4. have a good week, sexy!

  5. biden...palin doesn't seem to know what she's "for" or "against"...it's like her opinions have to be totally approved by mccain first..."john mccain believes this...john mccain believes that" every interview i've seen, every rally...she looks like she doesn't know what she's doing there, like shes startled that she was picked...the shock should have worn off by now...i wonder if every day she wakes up and her first thought is "he picked ME?!?" biden also has more experience than anyone who's running (including obama and mccain)
  6. if you lose your one and only there's always rootbeer for the lonely- brooks and dunn
  7. hello...welcome... ROBERT PLANT, you mean?!?
  8. heartbreaker- mariah carey
  9. Joan jett?? you're the best i've seen yet...
  10. Just something to do when the board is slow...
  11. Me, Myself and I- Vitamin C
  12. BEAUTIFUL...love your hair and you have lovely eyes!
  13. the fact that i didn't have to come home until 5 this afternoon, and that i went to work at 7 this morning...
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