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  1. you too, sweety...have a good xmas?

  2. have a good week, sexy!

  3. if you lose your one and only there's always rootbeer for the lonely- brooks and dunn
  4. heartbreaker- mariah carey
  5. Joan jett?? you're the best i've seen yet...
  6. Me, Myself and I- Vitamin C
  7. BEAUTIFUL...love your hair and you have lovely eyes!
  8. the fact that i didn't have to come home until 5 this afternoon, and that i went to work at 7 this morning...
  9. t.r.o.u.b.l.e -travis tritt
  10. are you THE Memphis?

  11. My name is Audra, but you can call me baby (especially if you look like reswati ) i'm 26 i'm department manager in hells grocery store i'm SINGLE (hint, hint!) i love music i write EVERYTHING (i'm the one who gives out erotica for gifts) i'm wiccan, semi-goth, and bi I LOVE that three letter word that i don't get any of...
  12. love the evil eye look...you're gorgeous!
  13. janie's got a gun...aerosmith
  14. happy mabon to you too!

  15. another fave of mine: mia tyler
  16. thank-you...i'd could really use some make-up advice, actually...not very good at it at all...i'm sort of a "feminine-tom-boy" so i don't fret too much about my lack of skillz... strange, huh?
  17. not going to say what's already been posted, but it's all true...i LOVE your hair, is it your real color?
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