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  1. I was blessed to be in close proximity to Jimmy on four occasions. Here's how those went: 1. December 2002, on On Brompton Road, between Harvey Nichols and Harrods (London), before the Led Zeppelin DVD came out. I became aware of someone looking at me. I'm pretty tuned-in, as I have done a lot of meditation over the years and my eyes connected to a middle-aged man walking towards me, who looked rather familiar. It took several seconds to register why..... it was none other than Jimmy Page. I could never have lived with myself if I had not said something to him, so, I hesitantly blurted out, "Excuse me, are you, Jimmy Page?" To my astonishment, he said: "yes," smiled widely and extended his hand to shake mine. I was truly taken aback but such a gesture and promptly extended mine too. There was a decided energy transfer in the handshake (I know this sounds nuts, but that is what I felt), which was quite something and altogether different from what I have felt shaking anyone else's hand, ever. I asked him how the DVD was coming along (as he was editing it at that time), and he mumbled a few positive words. I asked (rather hopefully) if he was planning on playing any little gigs soon said no and smiled. I sensed he didn't want to take the conversation anywhere else and started to move away; he probably was frightened I'd ask him about his Crowley regalia or something (JOKE), and he was 2. 23 August 2004, at the opening of the new Virgin Megastore, Piccadilly Circus, London. Jimmy was there to lay his hands in cement as the inaugural benefactor of the "British Walk of Fame," the equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Afterwards Jimmy did a signing session inside the Virgin Megastore. Each person could have one item signed and I opted for the Led Zeppelin DVD. There was a big crowd of people waiting, so no time for chit chat, just a hand shake, quick hello and the signing. Link to official photos here - https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/jimmy-page-at-virgin-megastore Link to press article here -https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/page-opens-british-walk-of-fame-6965325.html I regularly checked to see if jimmy's cement paving stone appeared outside the store; it never did. I guess that it was taken away after the launch event for safekeeping. 3. 14 September 2016, at the Complete BBC Sessions Listening event at Olympic Studios (yes, that one, although it was a cinema by that stage, London. Unbelievably, I was able to sit in the front row, and Jimmy was interviewed after the playback. If that was not enough, a fellow (nameless) board member and I decided to go up a narrow set of stairs adjacent to the cinema room after the listening event to find somewhere quieter than the main bar to chill out. We found ourselves in a private room with about twenty to thirty people inside, including one Jimmy Page holding court. Most of the people in the room were from Warner Music going on the conversations, and we were the only two fans. There was no security, and nobody asked who we were. I decided to go off to the toilet, and on my return, I discovered my mate had spoken to jimmy (knowing him from a long time back), and had a photo taken with him. By the point I had returned, Jimmy was busy chatting to record company people. My friend and I ended up spending the rest of the evening chatting to Jimmy's girlfriend, poet Scarlett Sabet, who was really cool and friendly (check out her works, they are amazing). I could have gone up to Jimmy at any time to chat with him and asked for a photo . I decided it was a much better idea to savour the intimate atmosphere and be grateful for my incredibly good fortune. As I write this, kinda of kicking myself for not asking for a photo now though! 4. 01 May 2018, at the launch of Scarlett Sabet's new (then) poetry collection, Zoreh, at the famous Troubadour venue in London. Jimmy was in attendance, and I was outside the venue when he arrived; he spoke to a few people and refused to sign anything (he no longer does that in public, so be aware). The event room was packed, and I ended up sitting new to Scarlet Page but did not speak to her. Jimmy stayed to accompany his girlfriend after the poetry reading in a small group of people. If I had been brazen, I guess I could have spoken to him after the but decided not to force it. --------------------------- I shared those encounters to try and convey the idea that if you meet Jimmy Page, there are different ways to approach the experience and not immediately go into superfan mode. To answer the question in this threat now, I think i would ask Jimmy if it would be possible to have a tour of the Tower House? Cheers, Indi
  2. Jimmy has been teetotal for many years, I would think in excess of twenty. Cheers, Indi
  3. And not the only one in the band either, but different people manage that condition differently. Cheers, Indi
  4. I'm too young to catch any of the original Zep releases except Coda, which was out of the blue (if you were not on the fan inner circle grapevine). I got the impression they always did everything a bit out of the blue as far as activity announcements, presumably to keep the mystic alive? Cheers, Indi
  5. I had this inspirational thought and posted it on a FB Zep forum, but thought it worthy to post here too. How about a 50th Anniversary firework display at Alexandra Palace (for example) to Led Zeppelin music, accompanied by a live orchestra scored by John Paul Jones?. Cheers, Indi.
  6. Scarlett's reaction to the last question was priceless. I was delighted he did not swerve the Golden Dawn question; pity he did not elaborate on who those luminaries he was drawn to were. Whilst the general trajectory of the talk was familiar territory, there were some real gems of information in there. Cheers, Indi
  7. Loved that comment in a Robert Plant interview many years ago, where he was asked to comment on Jimmy Page's mysterious persona (words to that effect) and he replied something like, ".... It is not up to me to say the guy plays cricket." Cheers, Indi
  8. Agree on a few fronts, but I do think Robert Plant would have proved more than capable of doing a small series of multiple dates (at that time - 2007), in a few key cities (London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris andFrankfurt) with two days between each show and a number of weeks' rest between each city. As many bootlegs testify to, sometimes RP ran out of gas during concerts after 1975. The human voice is a fragile instrument and sometimes it will simply not reach the same notes from song to song in one gig or from gig to gig, no matter how good and powerful a singer is. I think the colossal emotional charge of doing that O2 show as a one-off had an impact on RP's voice that night; it was not just about his technical singing performance. Can you imagine the adrenaline on stage that night? I think if they were to do a couple of shows now, the appropriate format, with consideration to RP's voice and Jimmy's capability would be entirely acoustic shows in the vein of 'MTV Unplugged', supplemented with an orchestra similar to that used on the Page/Plant tours. Cheers, Indi
  9. Replied to the wrong post, ha ha Cheers, Indi
  10. I'm in wholehearted agreement with you on them finishing "10 ribs" with vocals. The mellow style of the track would be well within the Robert Plant's singing range of capability at the present time. Cheers, Indi
  11. This thread has turned into a proper lovefest! Ha ha ha ha. Michael Winner must have included a clause in his Will that any future owner of his erstwhile pile next to the Tower House, had to be of at least equal standing in the smug stakes as him. Needless to say, Robbie Williams veritably trounced all bidding competition with some aplomb. Cheers, Indi
  12. I'm not aware of the typical format for these Oxford University presentations, but I'd expect this event to be geared to a musicology type approach, perhaps on Blues music or his session days, rather than a blast of heady Zeppelin related tales, musical or otherwise. Thinking more about this, I fully expect this to feature an erudite discourse by Jimmy, on the important contribution Aleister Crowley made to British culture and his innovative propagation of "Thelma." Cheers, Indi
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