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  1. And not the only one in the band either, but different people manage that condition differently. Cheers, Indi
  2. I'm too young to catch any of the original Zep releases except Coda, which was out of the blue (if you were not on the fan inner circle grapevine). I got the impression they always did everything a bit out of the blue as far as activity announcements, presumably to keep the mystic alive? Cheers, Indi
  3. I had this inspirational thought and posted it on a FB Zep forum, but thought it worthy to post here too. How about a 50th Anniversary firework display at Alexandra Palace (for example) to Led Zeppelin music, accompanied by a live orchestra scored by John Paul Jones?. Cheers, Indi.
  4. Scarlett's reaction to the last question was priceless. I was delighted he did not swerve the Golden Dawn question; pity he did not elaborate on who those luminaries he was drawn to were. Whilst the general trajectory of the talk was familiar territory, there were some real gems of information in there. Cheers, Indi
  5. Loved that comment in a Robert Plant interview many years ago, where he was asked to comment on Jimmy Page's mysterious persona (words to that effect) and he replied something like, ".... It is not up to me to say the guy plays cricket." Cheers, Indi
  6. Agree on a few fronts, but I do think Robert Plant would have proved more than capable of doing a small series of multiple dates (at that time - 2007), in a few key cities (London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris andFrankfurt) with two days between each show and a number of weeks' rest between each city. As many bootlegs testify to, sometimes RP ran out of gas during concerts after 1975. The human voice is a fragile instrument and sometimes it will simply not reach the same notes from song to song in one gig or from gig to gig, no matter how good and powerful a singer is. I think the colossal emotional charge of doing that O2 show as a one-off had an impact on RP's voice that night; it was not just about his technical singing performance. Can you imagine the adrenaline on stage that night? I think if they were to do a couple of shows now, the appropriate format, with consideration to RP's voice and Jimmy's capability would be entirely acoustic shows in the vein of 'MTV Unplugged', supplemented with an orchestra similar to that used on the Page/Plant tours. Cheers, Indi
  7. Replied to the wrong post, ha ha Cheers, Indi
  8. I'm in wholehearted agreement with you on them finishing "10 ribs" with vocals. The mellow style of the track would be well within the Robert Plant's singing range of capability at the present time. Cheers, Indi
  9. This thread has turned into a proper lovefest! Ha ha ha ha. Michael Winner must have included a clause in his Will that any future owner of his erstwhile pile next to the Tower House, had to be of at least equal standing in the smug stakes as him. Needless to say, Robbie Williams veritably trounced all bidding competition with some aplomb. Cheers, Indi
  10. I'm not aware of the typical format for these Oxford University presentations, but I'd expect this event to be geared to a musicology type approach, perhaps on Blues music or his session days, rather than a blast of heady Zeppelin related tales, musical or otherwise. Thinking more about this, I fully expect this to feature an erudite discourse by Jimmy, on the important contribution Aleister Crowley made to British culture and his innovative propagation of "Thelma." Cheers, Indi
  11. Apologies if some of my comments duplicate those earlier in the thread; I didn't read it all before posting. Given the greedy, back catalogue recycling (re-packaging) tendency of the few record companies that remain operational, it is inconceivable that they will not release new material or re-packaged Led Zeppelin material in 2018/19. Jimmy Page, in his guise as curator and "Keeper of the Flame" for the band from a product release perspective, will, without doubt, insist on something special being released by Atlantic to mark the band's 50th Anniversary. Following on from the gargantuan studio remaster series, the only unreleased material of note in the archives will be live recordings. The most logical live releases seem to be an Earls Court live anthology covering all five dates or a Badge Holders Only official extravaganza. The likely mammoth, deep dive hunt for tape treasure in the Atlantic vaults, for the studio remasters, will definitely have unearthed live tape material that was previously thought lost or was merely misplaced. Reviewing all the extant tapes may have resulted in Jimmy looking at the multi-track live tapes that do exist with a fresh light and perhaps deemed them worthy of his rigorous fairy dust treatment (being polite about it!). I'd kinda also expect the Led Zeppelin DVD to have a Blu-ray and 4K release. The only downside to a Zep 50th Anniversary release salvo is that it will afford Jimmy an altogether too easy excuse to postpone his long-mooted new solo record and tour for the umpteenth time. Not that I held any great hope for either for several years now. Without being unduly cynical, I can't help thinking Robert timed his new solo album release and the supporting world tour to properly kick any prospect of him participating in any Zep 50th activity not only into the long grass but into the farthest corners of the globe. Despite all the protestations to the contrary, while a full concert with the remaining members and Jason is inconceivable. Notwithstanding my previous RP remark, I think a televised four-song June performance in Central Park is viable. The amount of rehearsal required to float that would be moderate and sustainable and not disrupt RP's touring schedule that much. As someone astute proposed earlier on this thread, an acoustic set is a good call to get around Robert's current singing style and Jimmy's likely physical endurance constraints. Another idea that came to mind, which would be fitting and I think popular is a David Bowie IS or Pink Floyd: their Mortal Remains style touring exhibition portraying the Zeppelin legacy with a panoply of unseen and rare artefacts. Cheers, Indi
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