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  1. Although I'm a Habs fan, I like your name. It's very close to home.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I know I'm gonna get hell for this but the best show for me EVER was October 27,1995.Yeah,yeah I know,not Zeppelin.I'm 35 and I never got a chance to see them in their heyday.Most amazing night of my life.Friday night,in NYC,at MSG with Page and Plant,what can be better??I've got the June 23,1977 show and I think It's the best Zep show I've ever heard.It seems like they wanted to prove something.
  3. Thank you.I can't express how much I love the music of Led Zeppelin.Ask anyone who knows me.My first major concert was at age 13 seeing Robert Plant on the Now and Zen tour with my best friend and his parents.Since then,I have seen every incarnation that the remaining members have been involved in.My greatest night was Oct 27th 1995 at MSG in NYC.Last nite of the Page/Plant tour.That still to this day is my ALLTIME favorite concert.HANDS DOWN.Being born in 73 I was never able to see them in their heyday.I would love to see a reunion tour but it just isn't meant to be.Thats ok Robert.I do under
  4. I'm 35 and I like to dream also.Can't do any harm.Will not do any good I'm sure,but again dare to dream.
  5. It's a hat people.Get over it.Is he a Nazi?I don't think so.It's a figurine.Jees louise.
  6. I also would buy it.I bought a t-shirt from the show and I didn't even attend.I'll buy anything with Zep on it.Call me a fool,but they are my favorite band.Still around or not.
  7. My first Zeppelin experience was at about 11 years old.My friends mom had all of these old records and she had Zep I.When I first heard Your Time Is Gonna Come it blew me away.I thought to myself this isn't Culture Club!I asked to borrow a few albums,took them home and listened all day to Zep I,Presence and Houses.I was sucked in by the swirling sounds and by Robert's voice.Ever since that day I have been in love with his voice.Nothing comes close to it for me.
  8. Yeah thanks a whole lot!I tried to get there from New Jersey but no ticket!I had the money for the plane,hotel but alas not meant to be for me!Please tour guys with Robert not some second rate singer.
  9. Totally agree.Page live is something special.Hopefully we'll see more of that in 09.
  10. Coverdale/Page album was sooo much better in my opinion than The Firm.It would have been cool to see a U.S. tour but from what I have read ticket sale projections were really bad.I've seen on youtube some shows from Japan they played and it was not half bad.The bad half was Coverversion!Maybe Jimmy needs to team up with another blonde haired singer to get Robert mad and show him how it's done!Cmon guys one more spin around!
  11. ] Yes I'd love an 80 replica also.Thanks all for posting and helping me out.Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope Robert makes the right decision!(For us at least!)
  12. Oh jees thats a bad one.My fault.I was totally wrong.Thank you for correcting me,and thank you for you're quick response.
  13. I would have just loved to have been there.I don't think they will ever tour.but.... Fool In the Rain or Rain Song would have done it for me!
  14. This being my first post on the site,I'd like to thank everyone who keeps the music alive.Sounds corny but it really is all about the music .I am 34 and have seen Plant on every tour since the Now and Zen tour,Jimmy on the Outrider tour,JPJ on the Zooma tour in NYC and many Page and Plant shows.I've even seen Jimmy play with the Black Crowes and the Garden State Arts Center in Holmdel NJ 10 minutes from my home.Anyway I am looking for a copy of a poster from the 1980 tour.It is a picture of a soldier with his head exploding and the caption is "The Effect Is Shattering"Not looking for an origin
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