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  1. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!!!

  2. Anche io. Riesco a leggere e comprendere l'Italiano meglio di parlare.

  3. Since this IS a PICTURE thread not a BS thread, I'm posting some pictures...
  4. Greats pics. Some I have never seen before. Thanks!
  5. In the most sincerest way, Jimmy looks like a hot disheveled mess.
  6. Good Sweet Lord in Heaven !!!
  7. When I asked if they were "new" I meant "just released" from his photog friend. I haven't seen them before. I was unclear...
  8. Or Jimmy could be playing "rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" He's really happy about something here!
  9. Holy sh*t!!! I nearly fell out of my chair just now. Oh the naughty thoughts. 65 years old, eh? Unreal....
  10. I have an ankle tattoo with my signs. My mom was way into astrology. It's so interesting... Which book are you ladies referring to?
  11. JAL, your poems are lovely. Captures Pagey quite well, I believe! Minah, I hope you find refuge from your pain soon. Longdistance, I hope that was Jimmy. That would make my life even more happy! I would have yelled "JIMMY!!!" then
  12. I've been MIA for a bit. Please accept my offerings for this evening...
  13. Been away from the computer since Friday for a little vacation. Come home on Tuesday and the first thing I do...? Look here to see Jimmy. Do you think I have a problem? LOL!!
  14. It's been awhile since I posted any pics. I hope I can make it up with these tonight...!
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