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  1. ^^^ Love your signature Diana!!!
  2. Vsechno nejlepsi k narozeninam Reneta!
  3. Certainly is, isn't he?! How YOU doin' Jimmy?!
  4. I did not join here to bicker back and forth. And I'm far from shallow, Thank You very much...
  5. Oh, did I ruffle someones feathers...? Not a hater. Don't really pay much attention to her in the first place. Well most people are physically attracted to the person at first. Are they not? Like a bloke would walk up to a gal and start hitting on her if she were not pretty? But I'm sure you're the exception to the rule though.
  6. 10/23 Let's see there is: Robert Trujillo- metallica Weird Al Dwight Yoakham And for all you guys here, Not that this one's a musician so to speak... Porn Star Jasmin St Claire! LOL!!!
  7. LOL! They showed that on the local PBS station over the summer... I was like WTF?!?!?! I was rolling hysterical on the floor. Those drugs were really kicking back in the day to even think she was pretty or had an ounce of talent. John, Man, You coulda had any woman...?
  8. I play mostly by ear and for fun. An original 59 Dano that I play lefty. It was my Dad's- we both played it that way. I love the tone. I have a nice Takamine, too. I can play a few Zep tunes but my favs are The Rain Song, SIBLY Kashmir and Going to California. They're pretty damn close.
  9. Heartbreaker cover was tight! You're pretty good!
  10. Holy Crap!!! You know I heard that just yesterday evening on a local university radio station. I was like- man that song sounds familiar. And I couldn't place it. Duh! They even played like 5 Yardbirds songs. Had such a crazy day yesterday, surprised that I remembered my name.
  11. I think we're close enough with the lyrics! LOL!!! I think Jimmy has a wonderful voice. Should have heard more of it. Did he sing backup in Thank You? Little drops of rain...
  12. This is what I got from listening to them. I really couldn't understand the last part. But 90% if it I understood. Hey she just satisfies Hey she satisfies, so good And every evening when I go over, she 's at the door. She makes me feel so good, The way she loves me. So good. So all of you better stay real far away cos she's my baby, you better hear what I say. Oh yeah... Hey! Hey she just satisfies Hey she satisfies, so good. Her good lovin' She gives me all she...??? I'm gonna take her everywhere I go Oh yeah! Hey she just satisfies Hey she satisfies, so good.
  13. You can hear them on youtube But I don't see the the lyrics posted anywhere, unless someone here has them available.
  14. The scruff and those lips...
  15. Song Remains the Same CD and Page/Plant No Quarter CD both have The Rain Song.
  16. I would gather it to be sarcasm! He's really nothing to look at. I've met him a few times. Thank you! The pic was from 1990, just before I turned 16. Those were the good ol days...
  17. But where is he going- with all the commoners or one of those plushy jails? Guess he can't drive around on the greens in a golf cart, looking for the real murderer anymore!
  18. Lucia and Sophia- you 2 are great! Back when I was in school, the girls loved Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, New Kids on the Block and Menudo. Yuck!! I was the headbanger chick with Jimmy stashed in various places. Bookbag, locker and folders. I had this one pic that was so old and worn that it eventually fell apart on me and I shrieked in class. We even had the same hairstyle! LOL!!
  19. Big fan of both PR and JP but not of this particular song. Almost as bad the Righteous Bros cover. That was awful! I have about 9 songs on my ipod from both albums that I find are pretty decent. But sometimes I find the bass playing a bit annoying.
  20. So you 2 hear it as well. I have a pretty decent ear for music too, just wondering why I heard it today?!
  21. I was listening to The Rain Song this morning on my ipod. Same device, same headphones for the last year... At approx :36 and 1:00 into the song I heard whispering. I can't make out the first one. but the words at the 1:00 mark seems to say either "take a drink" or something with "dream". The Rain Song is one of my fav songs and I never picked up on this until this morning. Please tell me I'm not losing my mind...
  22. Lordy, Lordy! Young, middle aged, silver fox.... I'll take him any way!
  23. Likewise as stated above... Benvenuto al mondo di Jimmy Page!!!
  24. These are all whacked! Love 'em!!
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