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  1. Thanks (both Sam and Steve) it's cool to see how that family has the "touch" of music in theri blood and that they keep doing it!
  2. Hi bigzepfan , I saw them too about 3-4 months ago, i think it was may 4, here where I live, Bogota- Colombia, it seems that they played the same playlist there , altough here the sound wasn't the best due to the site where they did the concert, it was an awsome show, Iommi still Rocks!!!, and the voice of Dio really gets you trough their music without mention a great drummer like Vinny Appice and an incredible bass player Geezer Butler. I really enjoy the concert and I hope they keep doing great music in the next time, I don't have listen much of the new album but Bible Black its pure h
  3. Led Zeppelin I , without a doubt!!!, by the way reggie there is also a chance of get a copy for me??
  4. No Quarter without a doubt , is one of my favorite zep songs, specially the live No Quarter '77-79
  5. The first song of led zeppelin that I hear was Black Dog, and I still think its ama!zing
  6. I totally agree with you , every time I listen to a led song I think the same, thats where the power of zep songs came from, they have a different meaning for each person (of course there are some similar but that happens just in a few cases) the big example -- excuse me if may be you don't like it , I know that there is a whole thing with the lyrics of this song -- its Stairway To Heaven , you can tolk to almost anybody and I am sure than nobody with tell you the same thing about the meaning of the lyrics. In fact I still have problems to define the theme of this song , although its obvi
  7. That´s really a great form of starting the day, just thinking about the way the guitar appears in the intro of the song makes me feel out of the world!! , that double layer is mind blowing!! , definitely that´s my favorite led song. Thats pretty true, the album was made under special conditions, you can see that in the lyrics , one of the reasons why I love this album and it´s first song! PRESENCE!!!
  8. I agree with you, it´s not necessary to said than one would be better than the other, you could enjoy both, besides the whole thing enters in subjective theme, by the way I think It would have been great, (although i wasn´t here in that time ) but also I think it wasn´t "necessary" for led to do it, anyone here think that? , y really doubt so, zeppelin was and its great enough for rising for themselves.
  9. Absolutely, without even thimk about it, That song is amazing, obviously its my favorite song from led
  10. pretty interesting, a good innovation but I prefer the original version
  11. That should be everyone´s attitude, no matter the place you rank LZ,this forum is for those who liked and all of them have the righ to post. Now passing to the important part, yes Led Zeppelin is my favorite band,its like the sound track of my life, I still remeber when I listen them for the first time, Black Dog,since then I just couldn´t stop and each time I liked more and more, Its a shame than I cant see them in concert , and how things are going I doubt I could......
  12. Nice tattos im planing do some on my back in a few years, maybe i will put "Led Zeppelin" on mi back
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