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  1. I just meant Led Zeppelin as a whole. The band beyond "Whole Lotta Love" and "Rock and Roll." For instance, I remember being absolutely blown away by Jimmy playing the guitar with a bow. was completely convinced that he was some kind of wizard being able to make those sounds come out of a guitar. (Actually I'm still convinced he's some kind of magic man...haha). There's so much more to the band than just those few songs that you hear a million times on radio stations.
  2. A college friend introduced me to the REAL Led Zeppelin a couple of ears ago. I'd always been somewhat of a fan, just really hearing the stuff on the radio. One day after class, we had got to talking about music and realized we had a lot of the same tastes. She asked me if I had ever seen The Song Remains the Same. I said no. Her response, "Oh my God, we have to watch it right now." I had nothing to do that day, so we went to her apartment and watched the film while smoking a bowl (or two...or three...). I was immediately struck by the performance, the fantasy sequences (especially Jimmy'
  3. Okay, my take on Jones' sequence is that it's supposed to be a metaphor for his and the band's life on the road. In the film, he goes out riding with three other guys, raising hell around town, and when he gets home, he takes of his mask and he's 'daddy' home again with his loving family. Is this what others think it means? Or am I completely off? lol I have to ask, because I've seen the film about 20 times, but most of those times I've been pretty high so....heh
  4. I think that Bonzo was just as much a musician as the rest of the band. He didn't just play a steady, repetitive beat that kept time for the others, he was very musical in his playing. He created moving parts that changed just as much as the guitar or bass parts did. Just my take on it....
  5. LOL Jones on that bouncing ball! Not pictured, Jones' kids chasing and yelling for daddy to give them back their toy.
  6. Is he laughing because he's happy to be there, or that "Led Zeppelin" is misspelled? lol
  7. Last night I dreamt that I was at a photoshoot with the guys. Jimmy and Percy were having pictures taken and I was just hanging out watching. Then, the guys had a show to do, so Jimmy and Percy left. But then I just sat around with Jones out in public while the others had to stay locked up in a hotel. (I guess I was with their crew or something?) Jones and I were laughing about how fun it is that the others are more famous. He can just do whatever he wants because no one cares about the bass player! lol I like to think that Jones is just as much fun in real life as he is in my dreams. I lov
  8. Holy crap! I'm wearing that exact same shirt right now. I bought it at a thrift store a month ago. Crazy... Anyway, I'm pretty sure the one of Bonzo is that one where he's sitting on a bed in a hotel room. Sorry I don't have much more info than that.
  9. These are fantastic! I love your art style! It's good to see some love for Jones, too. lol
  10. I bought it without really knowing what was on it, but everytime I watch it, I'm more and more glad I bought it. It's good to go along with TSRTS. You have concert performances from before and after TSRTS. It's a nice overview of the band. The menus have little mini-videos which are also very cool.
  11. lol! Looks like she's about to take something else off.... It's interesting to put an image to all the wild stories I've read about the boys....
  12. "This is my serious face. See how serious I am?" lol
  13. Ever since rumors started about Jones and Jimmy working together, I've been all for it. While I can't deny the impact that Plant made on Led Zeppelin, Jones and Jimmy (and even Bonzo) are the main reasons that I LOVE Led Zeppelin. Jones wrote such beautiful music, as did Jimmy. I wish they would just quit looking for singers and do something new together. Plus, a Page/Jones tour would be a LOT easier to get tickets to than a LED ZEPPELIN tour. Quick conspiracy theory: Maybe Jones is the one holding back progress because he's bitter about not being invited to the Page/Plant group.
  14. Interesting filename for this one.... Don't mind if I do.....no, actually, I'd just prefer the two of us
  15. It may just be the bottle of wine I just consumed, but good lord, it's ridiculous how hot Jimmy is. I can't take it anymore. This is coming from a 23 year old woman. I've always loved Jimmy. He's my fantasy...lol
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