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  1. 1.Tool. They really are not that deep kids. 2.U.2. 3.Mars Volta-I Know, they are the new Can. Wrong. 4.Radiohead-The fanboys have killed this band for me. 5.Bjork. 6. Rob Zombie,Creed,Staind,Godsmack etc. 7.Jet. 8.The Stones. Yeah i know this that and the other but fuck off. 9.Minus The Bear. 10.Neil Yong. Lot's more. I also really hate the whole L.A/ Silver Lake scene. These people need to pay more attention to the music they play rather than the hair do the sport.
  2. High On Fire. Hidden Hand. St Vitus. Cathedral. All in the same vain.
  3. HUGE!!! The riffmaster. I would love to hear a project with Percy and him. He along with Jimmy and Steve Howe are the reason why i picked up the guitar!
  4. Huge Fan. Yes, P-Tree,Djam Karet,Kate Bush,Genesis,Can,Spocks Beard,Zappa,Tull on and on. Neck and neck for me with hard rock.
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