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  1. I don't know. My first impressions weren't that great, but man on repeated listenings it just gets better and better. Blue Train is a great song, excellent performance. I think there was some great writing, songs like When I Was a Child, When the World Was Young, Shining in the Light, Most High, even House of Love are really outstanding. For me the mix on Plant's vocals was much too dry, but listening to live performances of the same songs, its just incredible. The 98 performance of When the World Was Young in Paris is just fantastic.
  2. At the end of the day its just a magazine trying to make money, and they've always known that they could do that as long as they cover the biggest artists, be it for better of for worse. But their are some things they do that are just inexcusable. Just the other day I saw a poster of their 100 Greatest Guitarist cover with Hendrix on the front. It was actually a pretty great picture, but then the side title said "Plus HILLARY DUFF". I almost laughed and puked at the same time. I mean WHAT THE FUCK!? I thought I was looking at MAD Magazine for a second, hahaha.
  3. Actually not only did Walsh sell Jimmy his No. 1 Les Paul, but I seem to remember Jimmy talking about taking a slide guitar lesson from him. I don't have the quote, but I'm quite certain, if that means anything, hahahaha.
  4. YES! The lyrics really are just brilliant, and to me seem to harken back to a 50's rock and roll sentiment of high school dances with the lights turned down low, hahaha. Very similar in a sense to The Honeydrippers project at least in subject if not mood.
  5. I may have been a bit harsh on Bob's recent output, but a forthcoming Christmas album? Isn't that supposed to be a sign of the Apocalypse? I do agree with you that Jerr-Bear is underrated as a guitar player outside of his loyal Deadheads, but still he's no Jeff Beck. Then again very few can even touch Beck in my book, hahaha. But Garcia's steel pedal work is actually quite brilliant, much better than his electric guitar work if you ask me.
  6. The Rain Song is definitely a favorite. I think Plant has been quoted as saying it was his best performance in all of Zep's catalog. For me it is also one of those rare instances when dated technology sounds just marvelous; the mellotron on this track is just so lush and is in my opinion the best use of the instrument on record. Bonzo using brushes? What's so great about it is that he plays with such ease in that style, a real testament to how good of a drummer and musician John Bonham really was. And then of course Jimmy's guitar tuning on this song, so out of the mainstream, very progre
  7. You know a song I always liked that has remained in relative obscurity is Thru With The Two Step off of TPOM. I think Plant's vocal performance on this song was just absolutely beautiful, gentle and powerful at the same time. Sure some of the synth stuff hasn't aged all too well, but a lovely a song all the same.
  8. Basically if you aren't an original American band then Rolling Stone Mag has never and will never give a shit. They have a track record of being out of touch with a lot of the populace. I mean they have never EVER written a bad word about Bob Dylan, even though he hasn't done anything relevant for years (just my opinion, but one I feel very strongly about). Look at any of their "lists" and you are bound to go WTF? at least 30 times. Just look at that crap list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Players. Jerry Garcia ahead of Jeff Beck? Haha, Johnny Ramone ahead of James Burton, The Edge ahead of
  9. While it might be an interesting idea to be able to "edit" songs at your own will, it is kind of a big slap in the face of the original artist(s). Part of me loves the idea of taking out the parts that annoy you in an otherwise great song, or adding in alternate versions. I would kill for a remaster of ITTOD with a remixed Carouselambra and the extended ending of All My Love with the guitar solo, but at the end of the day, I am not the person that made the music. I'm just here to enjoy what they DO give me.
  10. Five? That's just ridiculous, and I can't in good conscious chose anything less than 10: No Order: -In the Mood (The Principle of Moments) -Big Log (The Principle of Moments) -Ship of Fool (Now and Zen) -29 Palms (Fate of Nations) -I Believe (Fate of Nations) -Another Tribe (Mighty ReArranger) -Freedom Fries (Mighty ReArranger) -Tin Pan Valley (Mighty ReArranger) -All the King's Horses (Mighty ReArranger) -Please Read the Letter (Raising Sand) I might catch some flack for saying this, but I think that the Raising Sand version of PRTL is heads ands tails above the Walking I
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