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  1. Yeah I am like the rest of you. I think that this is just a play on words because everyone now knows that this will be a new band. Quite suprised he even said what he said. Myles seems very humble and very careful with his words. So hopefully since he is speaking out (kinda) we will get some info soon. Their supose to finnish the Alter Bridge DVD with in the next week so maybe we will see the J's make an appearance.
  2. Just to make sure you all know. Myles Kennedy was never in Creed nor did he replace anyone in Creed. Myles had already made a career for himself before the memebers of the defunct Creed gave him a call to form a totaly new band. A band that has never played the first Creed song live. Creed's singer was an ass and the rest of the guys got tired of a radio driven band. Thats why they formed Alter Bridge. The rest of the guys are decent folks. Myles has the up most respect for Plant and Zeppelin and would never step on anyone's toes.. If Jimmy Page called you today and said "hey we need a singer
  3. For one he isnt in Creed and never was. Second Alter Bridge does not play any Creed songs and never will from what I have read. Two totally different bands. The kashmir clip isnt his best from the ones I have watched. Watch the other video's I posted. I have really started to like this band alot.
  4. Here are a few videos I found of Myles Kennedy so you dont have to search.. You may not like his band Alter Bridge but the guy is deffo capable of doing the blusey numbers. He is also an amazing guitarist from what I could tell.. Enjoy! Check out the solo in this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTc5h8aHNxc I think this one is proof the guy is capable. He can do the blues Here is the title track of the last Alter Bridge album. If nothing else you gotta say the guy is very talented.
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