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  1. Good Call blindwillie127, but sometimes I prefer this one. Touche! lol
  2. LMFAO.........................................
  3. Its obvious to me where your going with this ,and I really think you spotted something in the near future there . Cryptic and curious it is indeed.
  4. Rap Band , House of Pain. Song name was " Where Im from" Goes something like this.. ""Hanging out with Jimmy.....Hendrix and Page, make up the rage"
  5. Thanks Voodoo Chile. I never knew anything about this guy,but I sure do now. You cracked the case for sure with this. Good work! I really hate that fraud lawyer for Spirit now. What a money hungry piece of trash he really is . Thanks again.
  6. Every song that the media uses to show songs were stolen are from very popular songs rearranged made popular again by another artist. Taurus imho doesnt even start the same way as Stairway,nor sound like it from the beginning.
  7. I agree with you again . It's almost like the lyrics are cryptic . I wonder if Jimmy noticed them at the time . I always had a dislike for the way the vocals were lost in the mix, but I like the song very much .
  8. Your correct. Robert must have been so crushed when Jimmy and John Paul did not show up to his Son's funeral. Its quite obvious to me its one of the reasons Robert never wanted to regroup. It bothers him deeply today and rightfully so. I, like Robert hate that excuse that they could not make it. What crap! Im sure they both apologized profusely to him and time heals all wounds, but in Roberts mind its like yesterday. If you have kids you might know what I mean.
  9. I disagree. Jimmy Page should be starting his "Far East Tour" soon. The one where he goes record shopping with that tool Ross Halfin.
  10. Robert Plant has never rested on his laurels, therefore he will always create new material.
  11. No Quarter and The Rain Song are my favorite, but the rockabilly guitar that Jimmy Page plays in the middle of Whole lotta Love is amazing
  12. I agree Stevie Ray had very strong fingers he mostly used .013-.015 gauge but I heard he played much thicker gauges too. Thats why his tone was so thick. Stevie was great and his live shows were so consistent.
  13. Keith Richards has always said great things about Jimmy Page even used him on Stones records as he did with John Paul Jones too. He didn't call Led Zeppelin a joke, for he did say that about Black Sabbath and Metallica. What Keith Richards doesn't know is anything about John Bonham . Bonham was always light and heavy. To me Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones have sucked ass since Mick Taylor left the band and he knows it.
  14. Never liked Ozzy solo stuff, I always preferred Iommi ,Butler, Ward sounds ,but if Led Zeppelin was touring without Bonham ( If he was alive) and they replaced him with someone else I wouldn't go . Bill Ward was just as important to Sabbath as John Bonham was to Zeppelin.
  15. I'm very frustrated with Jimmy too ,but its more possible now ( simply for the fact that maybe he wants to return to the stage again ) I hope. . . . When I heard Jimmy did this I went to Ross Halfins Site to see what he had to say about it, but he was in Australia . That's when it hit me, If Ross was with him he never would have jumped on stage spontaneously. Jimmy gets things done better when hes not with that tool .
  16. 10 ribs and St Tristans sword are the best for sure.
  17. But you have plenty of company, in music fans who look the other way at their hero's indiscretions and exploits... Well said , Well said indeed.
  18. I agree about the Wow ....... But he is going to put together that phantom band with that phantom album with of course the phantom tour. This after he drags out the last releases of remasters of remasters. If we notice that its all a lie can you imagine how easily Robert Plant see's right through his charade.
  19. Do you really believe that Willie Dixon came up with all of those songs . he was the biggest crook of them all . Alvin lee even stated that his father who worked in studios would hear old blues man saying Willie just had the Money to put his name on those songs our grandfathers would all play on the porch. . Look if you think Led Zeppelin didnt bring those songs from obscurity to the masses then thats your problem . Raytuned your a bullshiter because you talk like a tough guy on the internet .The ultimate coward move.
  20. When an artist "Ripped-Off' from Led Zeppelin they took a piece of music from Led Zeppelin's hugely popular song catalogue that Zep made popular. When Led Zeppelin took a piece of music , it was from songs that where known by only a few,and not very good either . Led Zeppelin turned these obscure songs into gems with their own arrangements. Nobody ever listened to "Taurus" back in the day and said , "Wow' this is great. That Never Happened.
  21. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/robert-plant-led-zeppelins-golden-god-keeps-on-rocking/ http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/robert-plant-and-mark-harmon-in-the-toyota-green-room/
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