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  1. You did a great job!...Thanks. You nailed the sound !
  2. Good Call blindwillie127, but sometimes I prefer this one. Touche! lol
  3. LMFAO.........................................
  4. Its obvious to me where your going with this ,and I really think you spotted something in the near future there . Cryptic and curious it is indeed.
  5. Rap Band , House of Pain. Song name was " Where Im from" Goes something like this.. ""Hanging out with Jimmy.....Hendrix and Page, make up the rage"
  6. Thanks Voodoo Chile. I never knew anything about this guy,but I sure do now. You cracked the case for sure with this. Good work! I really hate that fraud lawyer for Spirit now. What a money hungry piece of trash he really is . Thanks again.
  7. Every song that the media uses to show songs were stolen are from very popular songs rearranged made popular again by another artist. Taurus imho doesnt even start the same way as Stairway,nor sound like it from the beginning.
  8. I disagree. Jimmy Page should be starting his "Far East Tour" soon. The one where he goes record shopping with that tool Ross Halfin.
  9. Keith Richards has always said great things about Jimmy Page even used him on Stones records as he did with John Paul Jones too. He didn't call Led Zeppelin a joke, for he did say that about Black Sabbath and Metallica. What Keith Richards doesn't know is anything about John Bonham . Bonham was always light and heavy. To me Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones have sucked ass since Mick Taylor left the band and he knows it.
  10. Never liked Ozzy solo stuff, I always preferred Iommi ,Butler, Ward sounds ,but if Led Zeppelin was touring without Bonham ( If he was alive) and they replaced him with someone else I wouldn't go . Bill Ward was just as important to Sabbath as John Bonham was to Zeppelin.
  11. 10 ribs and St Tristans sword are the best for sure.
  12. Thanks, I'm like you a huge fan, but I know when I've been duked. Glad you see through it all too,and just maybe we could be wrong.
  13. I never bought into the perfectionist scam . If so then he is terrible at being perfect. His albums with the Firm his solo album and Clarksdale , where far from perfection. That was rock music played by Jimmy Page with a Band .Something his has alluded to be doing again for the last 15 years Like Zephead said . Zep 1 and 2 where recorded fast and Presence too! When your Jimmy Page and you have no new songs of your own it becomes apparent that your well is dry. Stick up for Jimmy Page I couldn't care less, but realize that he is the one who drags things out . Robert Plant gets blasted on this site all the time,but Robert Plant makes music because he is ambitious. Jimmy Page is not . Simple as that .
  14. Your not being hard on Jimmy Page. He put himself into the fire by saying for years that he has to get stuff out. He should of stop being a bluff and said, I have no ideas for songs and I like resting on my laurels from the 1970's.
  15. Jimmy Page is not going on stage to trade solos with Billy Gibbons , Derek Trucks and Joe Bonamassa. He would come up with some excuse like always " Don't have my Guitar " " I don't need to do solos " etc etc. He would only play if if rehearsed with someone first. No off the cuff Jams for him. I'm still wondering why John Paul Jones gave up on Jimmy. Did he see the writing on the wall or should I say the lack of writing Jimmy has done in 20 years .
  16. Very Funny . Nothing shocking to me . I have said for years now that Jimmy Page has no songs. He can't retire because none of his peers have retired and they actually still make music, so he will continue to lead people on. I can't wait for the release of that 1 minute song he has""Embryo" maybe he can have Ross Halfin sign vinyl copies of it .
  17. Nice catch Wolfman, He definetly does say Devil . Good Job picking that up.
  18. {"Anniversary",and "Watching You"} are pure genius. Plant could rock hard back then. Great Vocals .
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