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  1. Without a doubt this is my favorite album of all time, so it would be impossible to pick a favorite. Though, The Crunge isn't exactly one of my favorites, it's still not a bad song. The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Over The Hills And Far Away, and The Ocean are among my favorite songs, so my vote goes to all 4.
  2. I think their best set was the last day at Earls Court...every single song = AMAZING...but anyway, my ideal setlist would be... 1. Rock and Roll 2. Celebration Day 3. Houses Of The Holy 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Nobody's Fault But Mine 6. Custard Pie 7. The Song Remains The Same 8. The Rain Song 9. In The Light 10. Ten Years Gone 11. Tangerine (Electric) 12. Going To California 13. That's The Way 14. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 15. When The Levee Breaks 16. Over The Hills And Far Away 17. Trampled Under Foot 18. In The Evening 19. Kashmir 20. Achilles Last Stand 21. Stairway To Heaven ENCORES 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Heartbreaker 4. Communication Breakdown 5. The Ocean 6. Tea For One 7. Bring It On Home Damn 28 songs...thats alot haha...well youve gotta 38
  3. Oh I forgot all 3 of the solos from The Song Remains The Same...One of my favorite songs
  4. I voted other, and i cant just pick one, so some of my favorites are Achilles Last Stand, Tea For One, and Ten Years Gone
  5. Going to California, The Rain Song, That's The Way, & Bron-Yr-Aur
  6. Trampled Under Foot wasn't even written until '74, and I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure the only time they played at Earls Court was in '75.
  7. 1. Jimmy Page 2. Jimi Hendrix 3. David Gilmour 4. Randy Rhoads 5. SRV 1. Bonzo 2. Neil Peart 3. Keith Moon 4. Mitch Mitchell 5. Dave Grohl
  8. In this order Over the hills the rain song the ocean the song remains the same no quarter dancing days the crunge dyer maker
  9. Here's mine... I - Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown II - Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid III - SIBLY / That's the Way IV - Rock & Roll / Black Dog Houses - OTH&FA / The Ocean Physical - IMTOD / Trampled Under Foot Presence - Achilles / NFBM ITTOD - In The Evening / Carouselambra Coda - I Cant Quit You Baby / Were Gonna Groove
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