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  1. None ever really compared to 08-04-79.

    I recall 02-12-75 being pretty good too.

    I love 2/12/1975 too. 5/25/1975 is also prety amazing. I guess I really like the 1975 versions the best, a lot of that is attributed to the fact that Jimmy was using his Les Paul still, and I love the tone much more than the Danelectro.

  2. Without a doubt this is my favorite album of all time, so it would be impossible to pick a favorite. Though, The Crunge isn't exactly one of my favorites, it's still not a bad song. The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Over The Hills And Far Away, and The Ocean are among my favorite songs, so my vote goes to all 4.

  3. There's a DVD of How the West Was Won? :huh: Or is it just a DVD-Audio? (most worthless format ever. If it's a DVD, I'd like to WATCH it!)

    I think the Song Remains the Same is better. How the West Was Won is edited way too much and isn't very true to the original performance(s).

    I think you're a bit mixed up. HTWWW didn't have nearly as much editing as TSRTS.

  4. I just finished listening to Vancouver 3/19/1975, and I have to say, it might be my favorite :D

    Some other versions I love...

    LA 6/23/1977

    Earls Court 5/25/1975

    New York 7/28/1973

    Seattle 7/17/1977 (Not a great overall show, but it had its moments)

    Seattle 3/21/1975

  5. :yesnod: Wow great job! :thumbsup: Much better than my attempts too! You use alternate tuning on it? Keep up the good work! :D

    Hi there! I listened to it again (very good!). At about 1:10 and 1:45 (sorry, might be off a few secs), I think its a back-and-forth between the B & A chords? I would've played more of a cross-rhythm--like a bum-da-dee-dumm, kinda rhythm. Just for added variety during that phrase. Sorry, not the best technical terms! Like a: B-B, A, B kinda deal (boldfaced B's are the dotted notes) :P

    On 0:41, that point was great, the way it crescendo'd to that point. Nice hammering on while you're playing the bass parts, etc.! Sounded like a beautiful attack by an "army" of guitars! :)

    Thanks haha the tuning for this one is open G (DGDGBD), and sorry but I'm not really sure what you mean in alot of the second paragraph hahahahaha :P

  6. The Lake Placid Blue one? Great axe, but I never really thought he did much with it. In The Evening live was kind of abrasive. I guess I just never warmed to his use of the tremolo live. The b-bender was very sweet and soulful. He owned that! I guess that's why he gravitated to it so much more. But as the thread title also is in reference to sounds, Jimmy with Strat doesn't move me. Livewise at least. Some good tremolo stuff on Presence (Hots on, For Your Life...), but live? Mmm, not a big fan.

    Jimmy used the Strat on Hots On? I never knew that :D I'll have to listen more closely next time I hear it.

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