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  1. This version is great and also on a side note, it was exactly 17 years before i was born
  2. Hahaha thanks man I was thinking about making a new one very soon, because I can't seem to find the video on my computer so Ill have to make a new one soon...but thanks again
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxRUOfDTsks...re=channel_page please tell me what you think
  4. Umm this is definatley a difficult choice January 1970 February 1972 March 1975 (definatley close with '73 though) April 1970 May 1975 June 1977 July 1973 August 1971 September 1971 October 1972 November 1969 December 1972
  5. Some of my favorite songs are the ones that dont get any airplay Tea For One Celebration Day Four Sticks I Cant Quit You Babe Sick Again Carouselambra
  6. I think their best set was the last day at Earls Court...every single song = AMAZING...but anyway, my ideal setlist would be... 1. Rock and Roll 2. Celebration Day 3. Houses Of The Holy 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Nobody's Fault But Mine 6. Custard Pie 7. The Song Remains The Same 8. The Rain Song 9. In The Light 10. Ten Years Gone 11. Tangerine (Electric) 12. Going To California 13. That's The Way 14. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 15. When The Levee Breaks 16. Over The Hills And Far Away 17. Trampled Under Foot 18. In The Evening 19. Kashmir 20. Achilles Last Stand 21. Stairway To Heaven ENCORES 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Heartbreaker 4. Communication Breakdown 5. The Ocean 6. Tea For One 7. Bring It On Home Damn 28 songs...thats alot haha...well youve gotta 38
  7. Just wondering why Thank You wasnt on the soundtrack, brcause I know it was played on the last night of the MSG gigs in 1973.
  8. Ahhhh at the bottom of your post where you said the songlists were the same except for the last song, you forgot to mention that Ten Years Gone was only performed on the 4th
  9. Ummm I don't think i can play any song perfectly...note for note, but i do improvise alot of solos, so these are the songs i can play with my own style... Whole Lotta Love Bring it On Home Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Immigrant Song Since I've Been Loving You Celebration Day Thats The Way Black Dog Rock And Roll Stairway To Heaven The Battle Of Evermore Going To California Misty Mountain Hop The Song Remains The Same The Rain Song Over The Hills And Far Away The Ocean No Quarter Ten Years Gone Sick Again Trampled Under Foot Kashmir Achilles Last Stand
  10. A 1999 wine red Gibson Les Studio (My baby), a heritage cherry Epiphone G-1275, and a Kay acoustic. Also I have a cheap Strat copy and First Act guitar (Both of which I destroyed trying to "modify" them").
  11. Alright, so a while ago i posted a cover of TYG, but i didnt like that much, so i practiced the song alot more, and made this....please ignore the distortion and rate it on how i played, and how i put it together. Oh and its in stereo...so use heaphones
  12. Hahahaha I completley agree with you, my favorite album is Houses, but i love Plant's voice on PG on songs like Ten Years Gone, Trampled Under Foot, and Sick Again, and I also love the first album...his voice is so strong and powerful.
  13. You have some serious issues with your post. The song is not "In Your Life" it's "For Your Life", the "folk" song (I'm assuming you're talking about "The Battle Of Evermore" was from the 4th album.
  14. Copenhagen 1971 & The second Seattle date (june 19) in 1972
  15. My favorites from JPJ would probably be the bass in achilles, mando in going to california, and the keys in trampled under foot (by the way, Jimmy played the mando on the battle of evermore)
  16. Its from a Whole Lotta Love jam (Don't remember the show though, but it was in '73)
  17. I love In The Evening & Carouselambra
  18. Well I personally LOVE all of the songs on this album...so it will be difficult for me to rank them, but Ill try 1. Rock And Roll 2. Going To California 3. The Battle Of Evermore 4. Black Dog 5. Stairway To Heaven 6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Four Sticks 8. When The Levee Breaks (Subject to change at any time)
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