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  1. Drop your low E string to D. Lose the distortion. Return to the A chord after the main phrase each time.

    The descending chords before the drums should not be minor, but rather major with a flatted octave. For example, the D should be A-string 5th fret, D-string 7th fret, G-string 6th fret, B-string 7th fret.

    Solos sound pretty darn good.

    Keep at it! :D

    Thanks, I wouldn't have used the distotion, but my m audio fast track only records if its really loud, so i had to turn my distortion pedal all the way up just to get any sound, and i know its in dropped d, but for some reason i like playing it in standard, but thanks again.

  2. 20 songs isn't really alot....Zep played like 22 or 23 at some shows, But Ill do 24. In Order...

    1. The Song Remains The Same

    2. Custard Pie

    3. Black Dog

    4. In My Time Of Dying

    5. Houses Of The Holy

    6. Misty Mountain Hop

    7. Since I've Been Loving You

    8. Nobody's Fault But Mine

    9. Over The Hills And Far away

    10. Four Sticks

    11. In The Light

    12. No Quarter

    13. The Battle Of Evermore

    14. Going To California

    15. That's The Way

    16. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

    17. Tangerine (Electric)

    18. The Rain Song

    19. Trampled Under Foot

    20. Achilles Last Stand

    21. Kashmir

    22. Stairway To Heaven

    23. Tea For One

    24. Rock And Roll

  3. I am not particularly fon of....

    Fool In The Rain

    Hot Dog

    Your Time Is Gonna Come

    Gallows Pole (I like most of it, but I just can't stand the sound of the banjo)

    Boogie With Stu

  4. Here's mine...

    1. Rock & Roll

    2. Black Dog

    3. Houses of the Holy

    4. Misty Mountain Hop

    5. For Your Life

    6. The Song Remains The Same

    7. The Rain Song

    8. Tangerine (Electric)

    9. In My Time Of Dying

    10. Going To California

    11. That's The Way

    12. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

    13. Nobody's Fault But Mine

    14. Over The Hills And Far Away

    15. In The Evening

    16. Carouselambra

    17. Stairway To Heaven

    18. Achilles Last Stand

    19. Trampled Under Foot

    20. No Quarter

    21. The Ocean

    22. Custard Pie

    23. Kashmir

    24. In The Light

    25. Ten Years Gone

    26. Sick Again

    27. Tea For One

  5. Not in any order...

    Over the hills and far away, Ten years gone, kashmir, trampled under foot, rock and roll, going to california, the rain song, the song remains the same, the ocean, communication breakdown, custard pie, sick again, achilles last stand, since ive been loving you, tea for one, for your life, nobodys fault but mine, bron-yr-aur stomp, thats the way, celebration day.

  6. Best:

    1. Whole Lotta Love (69-73)

    2. Thank You (71')

    3. SIBLY ('73,'80)

    4. Trampled Underfoot ('71 '75)

    5. No Quarter (All)

    6. Dazed And Confused ('69)

    7. Communication Breakdown ('69-'71 + earls court ones)


    The Battle Of Evermore, sorry jpj

    Moby Dick, nothing against bonzo, i just dont like listening to straight drums

    Trampled Under Foot wasn't even written until '74, and I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure the only time they played at Earls Court was in '75.

  7. The Rover

    In the light, it would have been amazing to hear that sony live, it has such atmosphere and I prefer it to NQ

    Houses of the holy-I never understood why they didn't play that song.

    How Many More Times

    You shook Me-omg I feel like crying so much when I think that they didn't play that song. :(


    When The Levee Breaks-I'm sure they could ahve found a way in playing the backwards bit

    Down By the Seaside

    Wearing And Tearing.

    They did play You Shook Me live, it's on the BBC Sessions CD

  8. Ok, so i just got a les paul a few months ago, and i have 2 other guitars, a first act & a s101 strat copy. I was wondering if it was possible to take the humbucker out of the first act and the single coil out of the bridge position out of the s101, and put the humbucker in the s101. if so, how would i connect/disconnect the wires to make it work?

    -Thanks very much to anyone who helps me

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