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  1. Ok, so i just got a les paul a few months ago, and i have 2 other guitars, a first act & a s101 strat copy. I was wondering if it was possible to take the humbucker out of the first act and the single coil out of the bridge position out of the s101, and put the humbucker in the s101. if so, how would i connect/disconnect the wires to make it work? -Thanks very much to anyone who helps me
  2. 1. Jimmy Page 2. Jimi Hendrix 3. David Gilmour 4. Randy Rhoads 5. SRV 1. Bonzo 2. Neil Peart 3. Keith Moon 4. Mitch Mitchell 5. Dave Grohl
  3. Fool In The Rain, Gallows Pole (I know alot of people really like that song, but I just HATE the banjo), Boogie With Stu, & Royal Orleans.
  4. 1. Communication Breakdown 2. Living Loving Maid 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Heartbreaker 5. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 6. Since Ive Been Loving You 7. Rock & Roll 8. Stairway To Heaven 9 Misty Mountain Hop 10. Going To California 11. Over The Hills And Far Away 12. The Rain Song 13. The Ocean 14. The Song Remains The Same 15. In My Time Of Dying 16. Sick Again 17. The Rover 18. Trampled Under Foot 19. Ten Years Gone 20. Kasmir 21. Achilles Last Stand 22. Nobody's Fault But Mine 23. In The Evening 24. We're Gonna Groove
  5. If your talking about their favorite zep songs, i know jimmy's was achilles & plants was kashmir not sure about john and john though
  6. So i have a 1999 Gibson LP studio it has the 490r & 498t pickups i was thinking of removing the 498t cover. Does it change the sound at all, like make it brighter or anything and if it does, how would i do this?
  7. In this order Over the hills the rain song the ocean the song remains the same no quarter dancing days the crunge dyer maker
  8. Spring - Houses of the Holy Summer - Phsysical Graffitti Fall - III Winter - IV
  9. Here's mine... I - Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown II - Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid III - SIBLY / That's the Way IV - Rock & Roll / Black Dog Houses - OTH&FA / The Ocean Physical - IMTOD / Trampled Under Foot Presence - Achilles / NFBM ITTOD - In The Evening / Carouselambra Coda - I Cant Quit You Baby / Were Gonna Groove
  10. Trampled Under Foot Foot Foot Foot Foot Foot Foot
  11. In My Time Of Dying is probably it. It is not only my 3rd favorite Zep song, but it's their longest and the solo is ubelivable.
  12. How do i get a picture to be in my signature??
  13. The guitar you said you don't know the name of is a Danelectro 59 DC.
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