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  1. 1. Communication Breakdown

    2. Living Loving Maid

    3. Whole Lotta Love

    4. Heartbreaker

    5. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

    6. Since Ive Been Loving You

    7. Rock & Roll

    8. Stairway To Heaven

    9 Misty Mountain Hop

    10. Going To California

    11. Over The Hills And Far Away

    12. The Rain Song

    13. The Ocean

    14. The Song Remains The Same

    15. In My Time Of Dying

    16. Sick Again

    17. The Rover

    18. Trampled Under Foot

    19. Ten Years Gone

    20. Kasmir

    21. Achilles Last Stand

    22. Nobody's Fault But Mine

    23. In The Evening

    24. We're Gonna Groove

  2. Here's mine...

    I - Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown

    II - Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid

    III - SIBLY / That's the Way

    IV - Rock & Roll / Black Dog

    Houses - OTH&FA / The Ocean

    Physical - IMTOD / Trampled Under Foot

    Presence - Achilles / NFBM

    ITTOD - In The Evening / Carouselambra

    Coda - I Cant Quit You Baby / Were Gonna Groove

  3. I think it would be completely different - a new sound. If you listen to Page/Plant from 1998, there is nothing in there which you could easily compare to anything Zeppelin did. The O2 show, with the down-tuned guitars, had a much darker edge to it than before, I think that's the direction they would head.

    I would hope to see a return to awesome riffs, Page was the best writer of riffs, eg LZ IV.

    I agree

  4. I really don't know the name of the black and white guitar all I know he used it in Knebworth. My favorite is his Les Paul Black like the one he used at Royal Albert Hall.





    5.Jimmy has a lot of guitars but those are his main.

    The guitar you said you don't know the name of is a Danelectro 59 DC.

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