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  1. Holy #$%!!!!!! Stunning. It sounds brand new! Bron Y'Aur has never sounded so beautiful. The panning effect is magnificent. ITL!!!!!!!! TYG!!!! The Rover!!! I'm listening with studio headphones and I'm BLOWN AWAY! Greatest band ever. Bonzo is SO crisp on every track. You can hear every breath Robert takes. Jimmy's overdubs are just mind numbing. Still SO FAR AHEAD of the pack and the times. Oh damn I miss the 70's. Music used to be SO real. I still remember waiting in line to buy the record at midnight before the first shipment sold out, which it always did! Sorry about this, but I'm so underw
  2. Thank you so much Azad. I have been lucky enough to get Robert to sign TWO of my paintings, and JPJ one.
  3. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk239/Joreve_2008/DSC03660.jpg Here's a painting I did of JPJ/Dave Rawlings/and Gillian Welch when they played the Grey Eagle Nov 2013. Amazing night! Here's alink to my all my work. Tons of Zeppelin paintings. https://www.facebook.com/StuArtOriginals?ref=bookmarks
  4. Never thought I would ever say this....Just finished listening To Robert Plant's new album which will be released next week I believe. (He is also saying it's his "final work"). I'm so underwhelmed. I don't think I will even give it a second listen, yet alone buy it. It will be the only Plant recording I don't purchase. (I have not missed a Plant purchase since 1969!) I was hoping it would be more Mighty Rearranger, instead it's Chris Issac meets Geritol. Upon one listen... 1/2 a star out of 5.
  5. [url=http://s281.photobucket.com/user/Joreve_2008/media/DSC03660.jpg.html][/ URL] https://www.facebook.com/StuArtOriginals "Historic" 30" X 40" Acrylic painting on canvas. I finished this piece today. John Paul Jones, Dave Rawlins, and Gillian Welch playing the intimate stage at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. Amazing show. If you like it, please come "LIKE" my facebook page, check out my other works and help me gain visiblity. Appreciate your help in advance. https://www.facebook.com/StuArtOriginals
  6. Can't figure out how to upload new images. Oh well.
  7. I'm really surprised no one seemed to like this one. There is not one photo I know of in existence that looks like this.
  8. So what do you all think of this one? "I Watched the Fire.....in Memory"
  9. This one is complete titled, "The Rover" Prints available on my website wwww.stuart-engel.artistwebsites.com
  10. A few new paintings. This one is still in the works. This one is titled, "I Watched the Fire....in Memory"
  11. I do believe we are in for some unbelievably exciting things for 2013........
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