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    Bramling, Canterbury, Kent
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    The bands I like: Led Zeppelin (obviously), Pink Floyd, Free, The Doors, Ryan Adams, Genesis and Jeff Buckley as well as some other people :D <br /><br />I need a Gibson 335!

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  1. Well, happy birthday Harry....rock on!!!!

  2. Got my Dad it for father's day too
  3. that's awesome, I've been writing some stuf myself ;) got a humble pie LP; performance: rockin' the fillmore

  4. Hope you're doing fine, just busy writing new stuff with a new band of motivated, a bit silly, people here. Greets and rock on!

  5. Joe Bonamassa is great, found out about him through my Dad, he loves his music. I'm taking my Dad to see him live for his birthday in october, really looking forward to it!
  6. that was hilarious, i failed every one
  7. 2 that come to mind are Safe From Harm by Massive Attack and Dancing Madly Backwards (Ona A Sea Of Air) by Captain Beyond (thanks Rockn'RollinMan )
  8. Cameron Crowe would be a brilliant director/writer. IDEA! Maybe if Crowe did a film based on his experiences when he toured with the band interspersed with clips of the band live and some other stuff.
  9. great song(s). the 2nd album is great (especially ballet for a girl in buchannon), its certainly one that grows on you. Can anybody reccomend anything from the 3rd album? haven't got it yet thanks
  10. Your right, its such a cool track, me and my friend sometimes have a little jam to it lol. i would give anything to see them at that period. It's such a shame not more of their shows at that time were recorded on audio or video. I don't think theres ever been an official release of CTA-Chicago 3 area. Well, apart from Live At Carnegie Hall
  11. Interesting thing i found on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voJjsGwAzaQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Esrp86LSg&feature=related
  12. just listening to the live version of South Californian Purples from carniegie hall blows my mind. Introduction sounds freakin awesome too.
  13. Yeh, Kath was (still is) one of the best. I still can't get over the sustain he gets on 'Listen', i'ts too amazing! I remember reading somewhere Hendrix was a big fan.
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