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    The bands I like: Led Zeppelin (obviously), Pink Floyd, Free, The Doors, Ryan Adams, Genesis and Jeff Buckley as well as some other people :D <br /><br />I need a Gibson 335!

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  1. Well, happy birthday Harry....rock on!!!!

  2. I remember my brother saying that when he went to see Ian Brown, a fight or something broke out at the front. It had been going on for a song or 2 and no security guards had done anything about it. So mid way through a song, Ian Brown stopped, then told the 2 people to f**k off, after he told security to get rid of them
  3. Got my Dad it for father's day too
  4. Thanks swede Funny you should say that, we were debating whether we should do that or not, still havent decided Thinking about trying out some jazz stuff so I thought Take 5 by Dave Brubeck would be a good idea for cover(?) Thanks Deborah
  5. that's awesome, I've been writing some stuf myself ;) got a humble pie LP; performance: rockin' the fillmore

  6. Hope you're doing fine, just busy writing new stuff with a new band of motivated, a bit silly, people here. Greets and rock on!

  7. I was just thinking of this the other day; in fairness to those wo thought the beatles should have won, the beatles were rock and roll in the early 60's, so was elvis and load of other people. It's like deep purple might have been considered the heaviest kind of music you could get back then, now there's all these *ahem* crappy *ahem* heavy metal bands......times change....
  8. Joe Bonamassa is great, found out about him through my Dad, he loves his music. I'm taking my Dad to see him live for his birthday in october, really looking forward to it!
  9. Could be quite fun, would be interesting to see how it would work out, so maybe a beta (?) would be an idea
  10. I posted a while ago some music I had recorded and to be honest, its a bit rubbish. BUT I have returned with *sarastic moment* some new material which im sure your all very exited about So basically would like some feedback of this song I made with my friend (he's playing drums). yes the guitar sound is a bit damp and yes it could do with some bass, words, improving etc...but anyway, feedback is appriciated and stuff P.S: yes the beginning sounds like a bit in Tubular Bells but believe, I had never heard it before in my life before a friend of mine mentioned it to me View My Video
  11. that was hilarious, i failed every one
  12. Was looking at a blog the producer of 'I'm In Rock And Roll Band' made and he told people to comment what their fantasy band would be, one person put: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John-Paul Jones and John Bonham. Made me laff
  13. i only saw the beggining but i think they showed the RAH (although they may have shown a mixture).
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