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    Bramling, Canterbury, Kent
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    The bands I like: Led Zeppelin (obviously), Pink Floyd, Free, The Doors, Ryan Adams, Genesis and Jeff Buckley as well as some other people :D <br /><br />I need a Gibson 335!

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I'm 14, live in south-east England and love pretty much everything from the 60's/70's. Favourite bands include; zep, stones, hubmle pie, wishbone ash, gabriel era genesis, dylan, cat stevens, nick drake, atomic rooster, pink floyd, taste, ELP, king crimson and so many more. Modern bands i like; muse, arctic monkeys, fleet foxes and more recently karen elson. I've been playing guitar for about 5 years and my influences include; jimmy page, paul kossoff, terry kath, jimi hednrix, andy powell, john du cann, santana etc. The guitars i own; 80's fenix acoustic guitar, westfield acoustic, affinity series squire strat, aria stg series strat (currently being transformed into an EVH frankenstrat), a columbus 70's strat copy (w/ seymour duncan hotrail pickup on the back) and my most prized possesion, my 1978 yamaha sg2000 (but with standered gibson pickups insted of yamaha ones). So yeah.....thats me :D

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