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  1. The color picture of Robert with the dove, what a great shot that is. Has he ever been asked about that moment? I mean, how did one just land in his hand?

    From Q&A: Robert Plant (The Rolling Stone) :

    What photo of yourself in action do you like the most?

    There's a lot of absurd ones. A lot of chest hair, or the beginnings of it. I like the one from Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.

    The bird landing in your hand?

    Exactly. It wasn't glued or strapped on for a photo moment, it just happened to see me and feel my sincerity. So I felt his ass. It's such a ridiculous photo -- a cigarette, a bottle of Newcastle Brown and a bird in my hand. When I see it I notice that the crowd looks crazier than I do.

  2. Yeah isnt it code's pics some of them i havent seen before and most are just so gaddang good shots of Robert. So cool :)

    And your pics are just as amazing yourself!

    Thank U Robert's Plant ;)

    Here some more...


    1370.jpg camel toe :wub:




  3. 1967_8__YARDBIRDS_6.jpg






    I've missed you sooooo much my fellow pagettes (I've started my military service a couple of months ago so I'm rarely at home) it's great to be back!!! :)

  4. Actually, the news must have leaked out because there were dozens of people with Zep vinyl getting them signed. Then, a representative of Jimmy came out and stated "no more autographs, please!". I thought I was fucked. But I figured I'd hang around a bit, just in case.

    Sure enough, Jimmy walks up to me, seeing the CD, signs the inner booklet and then proceeds to sign my shirt! I managed to say "Thank you very much, Jimmy!" and that's when he said something about being in the right place at the right time. He then winked and smiled, then shook my hand before walking off. He was quite pleasant.

    I was in shock for HOURS... :lol:

    I'm so jealous!!! you are one lucky bastard ;)

    This is one of the greatest stories I've ever heard from a Led Zeppelin fan

  5. Can't wait to hear the follow up to Raising Sand. I'm so glad he's still moving forward with his music. That's the very attitude that made Zeppelin so great.

    People who moan about Robert Plant and call him selfish are in fact...ridiculous.

    They are shouting/crying/moaning because the man won't do what THEY WANT him to do. He clearly doesn't want to do it. So surely they are more selfish than he ever could be because they are annoyed that he won't do something he has no interest in doing JUST FOR THEM.

    I don't see him pushing anyone else to do what they have no interest in doing.

    He owes us nothing and yet he still gives. I for one agree with an earlier post about just being happy to be able to hear his stuff. :)

    Great post Aligula! I totally agree with you :thumbsup:

  6. I love Robert Plant's voice from the 68-71 years. He also wrote some AMAZING lyrics on the later albums. As for over all best frontman though? Naw, I think that belongs to Freddie Mercury. Love or hate Queen, you gotta admit that Freddie was indeed a freak of nature. Led Zeppelin was the type of band where the members played off of each other, where Queen was more like Freddie's backing band.


    I totally disagree with you. I wonder what makes you think Queen was Freddie's backing band...

  7. My buddies are saying if i don't leave these parties tonight with a phone number then I am completely hopeless because there are going to be a lot of pretty single girls there. I think hopeless is a strong word. :o I told them that if the women there don't ask to exchange numbers with me then it's not my fault. They are putting all the responsibility on me tonight. Not really fair. :mellow:

    If you aren't getting any phone number tonight then you are really hopeless as your friends told you....

    You should try to make some effort in order to get your love life back on track so STOP BEING LAZY AND ASK FOR A FUCKIN' PHONE NUMBER!!! you should try to pull yourself together in order to get anywhere near a real relationship this year...

    Good luck :cheer:

  8. There is nothing pitiful about a dude who does not think he is anything special, who does not have a big ego, who has insecurities, who does not like the way he looks, who isn't good with rejection. Who thinks women should contribute more to the dating world,etc. None of that is pitiful.

    Geez man relax a bit you're freakin' me out... You ARE pitififul because you're acting like a total spineless human being! where is your ego??? you're supposed to be a man so start acting like one!

    I've never seen a guy more insecure than you Spats, I really feel sorry for you...

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