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  1. Children Of The Grave - Black Sabbath
  2. Yes HYE been suspended from school?
  3. Adi

    This or That

    extra crunchy Ice cream or popsicle?
  4. Thank you Sophia, I love your pics too...you are very cute and you're right- black/ white pics are really the best...
  5. I know that duh ...but I'm talkin' specificly about musicians being knighted with no reasonable reason to it (except for some musicians that were knighted for other reason than contribution to music like charity..). I respect everyone's opinions, this is not a fight about who is right or who is wrong I'm just expressing my honest opinion so I think you should respect it too...
  6. I'll describe this one with one word: HOT!!!!!!!!! I have some dirty thoughts about Robert and there are no clothes in them
  7. Yes (as a kid...) HYE built a snowman?
  8. Adi

    This or That

    Birthday Cake or Cookies?
  9. Nope HYE watched a movie and in the last couple of minutes got bored and turned it off?
  10. Cases like Bob get my support, but there are some musicians that were knighted even though they really didn't deserved it...
  11. Yes, but I don't do it much... HYE met someone really cute but forgot to take his/ her phone number?
  12. Nope... HYE ate a shark fin soup?
  13. Yep HYE pretended to be sick in order to skip school?
  14. Don't forget to Post a picture of yourself with the long gray/ blonde hair...I would like to see the final result
  15. Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love - Van Halen
  16. Sounds great too...but you can always dye your hair back to blonde and then it would look hotter
  17. allow me to remind you something: Jimmy and John are older than Robert!!! and who gives a damn about the shape of his body...sure he had a hot skinny body but that's not the reason why people love them in the first place. Normal People love Led Zeppelin because they love listening to their music... Plant's voice is great even now that he's 60 years old..he can sing like a lot of young singers can't... I agree that the keys were lowered but the entire show (including the vocals) was great!!!
  18. Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters
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