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  1. Check out their English label mates Diagonal. Also I just found out that Astra are headed into the studio in March to work on the second album and they're hoping for a summer release.

  2. Swede heads up, Fu Manchu are touring Europe this March including a stop in Sweden. They're playing all of In Search of...

  3. That was back in April (Roadburn) and they came back to play more European dates in the summer including a date in Holland. So I don't think it will be long before they play there again.

  4. Cool glad you like 'em. If you can't get enough of them a complete concert is up for streaming at roadburn.com. That music festival (Roadburn) is held in your country.

  5. my dad's from mexico city and was into rock in the 70s so i knew one band from mex but most i found through a list from a website. don't think i know of any Latin American bands from the 80s and 90s.

  6. I have this video where vox dei appear in really cool. Are you somewhere in south america? and look up pappo's blues, dias de blues, pescado rabioso, almendra, dug dug's. All are very good with vocals in spanish.

  7. Are you familiar with the rock scene in Argentina from the early 70's? 'cause a good number of bands sprang up there that were very good.

  8. Thanks Kiwi really appreciate the birthday wishes. :)

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

  11. Thank you ally for the birthday wishes, glad you're enjoying Radio Moscow.

  12. Just saw those covers you did of Zep and Sabbath thought they were great. :)

  13. Hey Swede I uploaded "Bloodsucker" onto youtube is that alright?

  14. No I actually read about it in the stonerrock.com forums, think people there post also in hellride in any case good news! : )

  15. I think you once said Burning Saviours was a favorite band of yours but if you haven't heard the news theyre back together.

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