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  1. CS.Lewis "A Mind Awake"... so good I have to go and pick it up again now.
  2. I love to hear other people's opinions. Nathan, keep your flag fying. I went to see a "Queen" gig... 3 years ago, in Hyde Park ( is this an American site???.... if it is I will add that that is in London....UK...but you probably all know that anyway...) ANYWAY.. this gig??? Mmmmm..."Queen" it was NOT. Without the wondrous Freddie Mercury it was nothing. the most poignant part was when they played Freddie film on the backstage screen. Without Freddie, the rest of the band were "the background pushed to the front". In my heart, Nathan, I think that Robert Plant, in his day, was soooo sexy, vibrant, SOOO in the foreground ( even though Jimmy's guitar was ALMOST as good as Hendrix .... his trousers were never as good as Plants!!) that, without Mr. Plant... the rest would seem like an empty pot. I wouldn't go and see "Led Zep"..( if it could be) without Robert Plant....I guess he just isn't your cup of tea. XX Me?... I'd down him in one!
  3. I suppose you are one of the lucky ones that saw it thrown! I must read up and find out what people actually thought of the gig. I wonder if he looked pxxxxd off when he threw it.. or just relieved to have got it all out of the way..... "Only them what wus really there will know fer sher".
  4. Thought that it was too good to be true.... ( obviously not too good to be true for Robert Plant as he doesn't want any of it!)...Actually, who can blame him. He's been there and now he is another place. He is such a legend that I think I just need to actually SEE him ( and I would rather see him happy than sad!)... so I will keep my eyes peeled .... and maybe take up puppy breeding. Bet he goes for a "cairn"... a "Norfolk" or a "lurcher!" Back to watching my Song Remans The Same video then!!
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