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  1. I'd like to here jimi play a guitar with a violin bow behind his back
  2. Rolf Haris's version of Stairway is interesting. Plus there is an Aussie show called The Money or the gun and every episode had a version of Stairway to Heaven by different artists.
  3. This has probably been asked befor but what are the members of Led Zeps favorite songs? does any one know.
  4. My pesonal favorite out of these three is Kashmir but I voted for Stairway because I've probably head it a lot more times than Kashmir and I'm so damm sick of I think I hate it because I've heard it so many times. When I haven't heard it in a while I can apreceate it but if i have to listen to it all the time because of a radio station that I like plays it every day. But I cant say I realy ever loved Stairway but when I was growing up the station played that Black Dog and Rock and Roll all and I like both songs more than Stairway. But anyway the poll was for the best over all song not what my
  5. Grateful Dead Rubbets sp? Sweeny Todd Reo Shitwagon Little River Band Eagles Slipknot Mondo Rock Moving Pictures Pantera
  6. Hot Dog for me. I wonder what the members of Led Zep like the most?
  7. Dose Strairway to Gilligans Island count if so that
  8. What is your favorite Led Zep song and your least. My favorite is Hot Dog and my least is Stairway To Heaven
  9. Hi everyone my real name is John Ebejer and I just wanted to say hi.
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