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  1. Have a listen to this station I listen all the time,music is brilliant,Saturday night Leona Graham R ock Show worth a listen.Enjoy the interview guys!
  2. Interview with Robert and Alison on Ben Jones Show on Absolute radio 105.8 fm sometime after eight o'clock this evening british time. Might be interesting! Tune in on internet if you live abroad. Good station!
  3. I,ll second that ! They simply must tour after the reviews today ,spectacular!
  4. Hey nice to hear you feel the same way .A definate lack of response here What does that mean? Anyhow still heading out there tomorrow night , presume you are in the sta tes good luck to you, wish you were here !!
  5. ``````````````hello Tin Tin I might be interestedjoining you to see Zep tomoprrow night I am a seriousZep fanE mail me

  6. well, I will reply to myself!Sad really that you really all just want to sit in tomorrow night and do nothing but your normal, can,t you remember when you were passionate about something let,s get up and do something are you all just 50 somethings no you are zep fans come on and do something lets get out there tomorrow night even if you don,t get in so what make a presence!!! See you tomorrow guys ,You never bknow you might actually get in!!
  7. Personally I am heading on out there tomorrow night. See if I can get a ticket at a basic price..Very few concerts you can,t manage this.Of course this is Led Zep but what is these VIP packages about 4500 and a 3 course dinner at 4.45 pm then after wine join the rest for 7 pm to watch the show and then you can go to the aftershow Well i quite fancy the aftershow but what is the rest all about?I actually don,t fancy it at all.Robert where have your hippy ideals gone Do you fancy dinner and a three course meal,No more like a tagine and a camel ride!!!
  8. Obviously not,have you all got so boring you are not into it?Are you Zep fans or what?
  9. Hello,I am Interested Tell me more about the spare ticket!
  10. Have a thought for me guys.Entered the Gold comp got the lowest no at around9.50 Wed night got a congratulations you are top no from O2 and got knocked off it at 4.50 pm on Thurs Comp ended at5.00pm Disaster!!! I have tried everything to get a ticket,Virgin radio dressed as a fairy at 7 in the morning!!!Large bid ,well as much as I could afford,still no luck ,I am on my last chance tomorrow so wish me luck Folks!!!
  11. Sounds pretty cool. Robert does seem to work down these lines so I reckon this might happen but I hope he keeps doing his own thing in the meantime .
  12. How's about a list of ticketless that might like to meet out by the O2 and have a drink or two to drown our sorrows If we still can't manage to somehow get in? Let me know your feelings folks!!!
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