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    I play guitar and listen to music and hang out with my girlfriend and thats pretty much it
  1. Hey welcome to the forum! Hope your doing well..

  2. did anybody here go to carowinds last saturday and watch that awesome concert? it was pretty cool
  3. ok. thanks man. haha i got that quote off the internet
  4. who's your favorite pothead of all-time? mine is of course tommy chong
  5. i also heard that they might have a replacement singer for the tour
  6. i have a martin acoustic (just like jimmy pages), a fender stratocaster, a gibson sg, a gibson custom les paul, and (my favorite) a gibson cherry sunburst les paul (just like jimmy page's)
  7. have any of yall ever tryed reefer? haha its good stuff isn't it
  8. whats your favorite guitar of all time? mines probably a standard gibson cherry sunburst les paul
  9. whats your favorite guitar that jimmy page uses?
  10. led zeppelin's tone is what makes them different. it's classical and sometimes heavy. they're awesome
  11. (Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Says Reunion Tour May Happen After All) google this and you might find what your looking for
  12. What's your favorite led zeppelin album? mine's probably all of them. haha
  13. if anybody wants guitar tips, i can help. especially with led zeppelin songs. just send me a message if you have any questiions
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