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  1. 1. Then point me to these people who tell you this.. 2. Beat up, you do not have the mental or moral capacity to beat me up on anything. In person or on here. 3. As far as trolling you are the one following people around to fight with them. AND creating topics with you doing nothing more than running your mealy mouth. 4. You want to sleep with every hole and perv you can come across. Fine, you said you wont complain about any of it. I have more respect for myself. You cant even spell words larger that nimrod, so shove of there puffer boy. If people like you and your pals would keep yo
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkJNyQfAprY
  3. Goodbye Blue Skies - Pink Floyd
  4. You are talking to an insane person. Good luck on reasoning with that..
  5. Then man do I have a girl for you.. Nice to know you know all the poove hangouts there Daniela
  6. Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company
  7. This is part of the problem when people make up things to satisfy their fantasies. I've never discussed anything with you or the list about college girls. I said there were 600 gorgeous freshman just came in. And that was that. Anyone who was used would complain. Or is that just a one way proposition there tangelo? If I were ever in a serious relationship with you, well then you may have a twist to stand on. Oh and good day to you too, and thanks for joining the conversation.
  8. Well, That didn't come out just right. At times I think we should all be happy for the times we have spent with other people. Which, trust me I am for the most part. Then at other times I get frustrated just as anyone else does. We gather up all our pieces and move on. Fortunately I have many pals which enjoy my company which takes a huge load off other worries. You have to laugh and have fun. From my experience you just cannot go looking for someone. It just happens, in no time it's right in your face. Why this is so I do not know but I think the best relationships start just unplanne
  9. I refuse to be a piece of meat too. And I am certain the last 3 women I've met was their entire intention. Fuck me and see ya Sad what the world has come to when people are nothing more than something to be used and disposed of like shrink wrap. Oh and it wasn't you I was talking about... MOO?
  10. Super Drew is called in to save the day!
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