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  1. Wooooo hoooooo they can always make those reprocessed cheese steak sammich's
  2. What makes me mad is when I figure I can step out of a building for fresh air? FUCK! Everyone thinks that the perimeter of every building in the universe and every live to gain entry somewhere is a place to hack a fag. Hack your fags somewhere deep in the woods where it doesn't get in my hair and clothes and make me gag. I need one of those real loud horns like they use at ball games. They light up? Point it right at them and let it blast. Go to your car or deep into the woods fag hackers Congrats DZL. I bet you feel better.
  3. I am happy I don't smoke. I saw someone on the tele smoking them. He said they helped but didn't have the satisfaction of an actual dog end. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel?
  4. Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
  5. Well, Here we use taxis. IMO the mountains are too tall to take a chance driving off. I mean you could run over a squirrels nest or one of our last cougars. I think I told the story about me having to toss myself off the side of a steep mountain at 2:15am to rescue 4 teens from a smoking car? No fun.... However I am intelligent enough to know that no matter how many anti drunk driving adverts they saw, and no matter how many times they were warned? Once they were drunk the only thing that would have stopped them would have been a key grab. That's done here too, you drop your keys in a basket at party's and people share a cab. We even have a small shuttle that's used at times. IOW, you can suspend all you wish to....but a key will still fit in the ignition of a car.... I saw where they had this one person here who had been busted something like 400 times. Still doing it. Well with 10 years in jail for the last one. She gets out and she will be back in the bars, drinking it up and searching through friends purses for keys. Chronic drunks don't care Electrophile. That's not an argument with you. All they care about is the next drink and how to get to it.
  6. Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood
  7. my friend.....mr lindblad... Good Morning Rob/
  8. I wouldn't pay too much attention to other people judging you by your friends. I mean do you choose their pals for them? Probably not. Many times you see things like jealousy rearing it's ugly head. I remember it well, it was worse in Junior High and High School. Sometimes it's better to not tell people things. I mean once you've learned someone is not trustworthy? I wouldn't rely on their judgement of who you should hang with. I mean give your friends forgiveness and kindness, just don't put everything on the line in High School. Have Fun.... Gosh I sound like a dad...
  9. I will stay indoors and warm. I was supposed to go look at a new cathedral with a friend. But I seem to have the sniffles. I really don't want to pass along my germs to all these guys. So I will postpone
  10. WLOS Asheville Weather w Karen Wynn http://www.wlos.com/...los_index.shtml (Link tested for security) TONIGHT: Rain Likely, S-Light, Low: 63/67 Upstate SUNDAY: Showers/Few Storms, S-5 mph, 71/77 MONDAY: Sct. Showers/Storms, S 5-10 mph, High: 74 A slow moving area of low pressure centered to our west will keep moving abundant Gulf of Mexico moisture across much of the Southeast U.S., while a ridge of high pressure to our east keeps Atlantic moisture moving in from the opposite direction. That means more rain with a few storms possible all weekend as our weather pattern stubbornly won't change. Highs will continue to be in the mid to low 70s with lows in the mid to low 60s. Afternoon temperatures are expected to warm up next week with a few breaks in the clouds. More rain and thunder possible every day next week. Have a nice weekend! METEOROLOGIST KAREN WYNNE KAREN WYNNE is News 13's Weekend Meteorologist and a Reporter focusing on environmental issues. Beforecoming to WLOS, Karen was part of an award winning weather team at News13's sister station in Charleston, West Virginia. She was named BestWeathercaster by the West Virginia Associated Press in 2006. Herweathercasts have the seal of approval from both the AmericanMeteorological Society and the National Weather Association. Sheappreciates the challenges of forecasting weather in mountainousregions. Since coming toWestern North Carolina, Karen has been moved by the beauty of themountains and the friendly people who live here. Karen, her husband anddaughter enjoy all that the area has to offer. E-mail Karen: <a href="mailto:kwynne@wlos.com">kwynne@wlos.com
  11. Only through kindness and love can peace of mind be achieved. You cannot win battles over anger and ignorance with anger and ignorance. Love and knowledge are my weapons for this.
  12. Today a woman ran off and left her Asus Netbook sitting next to me. She was headed off to catch her next flight. I was talking to someone else at the time and he didn't see it. I ran her down just before she went through baggage checks. She was one happy Physician Told me she's moving here....cool. Good night everyone. Relax...
  13. I am you are cutting peoples intestines out last I remember.. Point being everyone's rights are the same until you have been tried. Naturally I know you were blowing your horn on dissecting someone for fun.
  14. Good thing you're not an attorney. Read your Bill Of Rights and Constitution....or perhaps they differ from everyone else's They are there to protect everyone, including knife wielding psychotics.
  15. One has not driven drunk until it is proven one has driven drunk. And assaulting someone before it has been proven still does not bode well with this law. If that's what it is? 1. Policemen are not trained to draw blood... 2. You have not driven drunk until it has been proven in a court of law. NOT along a dark roadside with someone jabbing sharp objects at you because they have a dick complex. This is like saying well you can assault someone and they are automatically guilty... Breath tests and urine tests will give results too. They are looking for AIDS and anything they wish with a blood test. Which is an invasion of privacy. Well along with assault.
  16. The Moon Is Full - Jeff Healey
  17. Contributing to a worthless thread designed to attack others? Hee. We will see you get your congressional medal of honor there Jethro Especially for that last contribution.
  18. Jeez. Leave President Carter alone. Surely you can find something to do with your time besides cutting on an aging president.... You know get a fricking pooper scooper and gather turds or something.
  19. It is vewy vewy quiet. It is very quiet here because this is how we like it much of the time. Most everyone here is studying you see. So we have to respect that...
  20. Little Pink Houses - John Cougar
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