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  1. If you refuse to give them blood they will more than likely just lock you up and you will see a judge the next day. I think the big point here is urine or breath will give them a blood alcohol without anyone being assaulted. I view me bleeding from an arm because of having a sharp projectile shoved into me as assault.. Who is assaulting who there? I'm just defending myself//
  2. Not a chance. As far as the blood draw that is. You let them poke you and worry about if the needle was clean or if you will get an infection.. Not I... I have the constitutional right to defend myself against personal injury. Period .
  3. Awww man it don't matter. What I meant is we are here for one another to help what we can and that's about all we can do...
  4. I'll have coffee with you. Is there an airport in that state, chuckles?
  5. Sort of depends on who the child belongs to now does it not? And too it depends on if you think your ready to put yourself in another relationship. I mean anyone can be lead down the garden path before they have any inkling something smells funny. Let me put it this way. If you are still in love with your ex husband in your heart then you are not ready to "move on." Your head is still in his head and likewise. Now if you are up front with someone to begin with and say well my heart is still with my ex do you wanna fuck then that's something else entirely different. I still care for ex girlfriends but having said that, I NEVER PUT THEM before the person I'm currently dating. I think that's fair to everyone. You know not to have your heart in many places.
  6. I agree Virginia. I think we have a case of a few drunken people trying to own people when they know they cannot. I mean I've ran across police officers who think they can pretty much do anything they wish. I have news for them. Those 90 days of classes beyond the GED does not give them a license to do many things. One is employing violence on the unsuspecting public. Here the police know me. They say hello and I exchange pleasantries. But this is just because Asheville tries to watch after our citizens. Well I think they know I work with security fixes and volunteer a lot too. This never hurts. Stand up for your rights, someone tries to stick you knock the shit out of them.. That is your right in our constitution now is it not? On that note I have to get some work done.. Cheers all>>>
  7. Married women who are still in love with their ex husband get me. I mean why get in a new relationship if you're still in love with your ex? Which comes to another correlated topic. Many women do not open the door very wide and get to know someone new because they are still dependent on their ex husband for support, love, or getting pretty much whatever they wish. Well besides getting remarried or sex. When you divorce a person can you be friends or not be friends? Depends on if you are still having sex with them now does it not This can go both ways btw, but IMO to a lesser extent.
  8. I had these images of Tom Cruise dancing about to a Bob Seger song you see.... Fire a few of the people working with the security softs and see what happens. The idea being many of the same people creating the security software are the same people hacking and stealing. This is something which I'm sure is known; but not stressed enough. Ever wonder why you have to update security software all the time? Many times you don't really have to, but to sell the product a worm in the right place will make them millions. As far as Facebook...I'm watching peoples backs...you see very recently a few people here watched out for mine. Facebook I don't worry about any longer. That door was slammed very tight And I think many here are real good for watching their own backs. But we do have a few who are clueless. Seems one just left. People are stubborn about what they love. MySpace has helped me, so I will stick with them. One person once said "If anything or nothing else, he is loyal."
  9. Timeless...(morning mr lindblad)
  10. Highly suggested Trower: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=T58A2w61dD4 There are no substitutions.
  11. In the end everyone was laughing their ass off over the whole thing. I hate needles and I'd rather be charged with defending my rights. I will keep the entire story under the hat. BTW, I've never heard of anyone push this issue too hard. They just charge you with something else, you pay and that's that. Nobody wants to get stuck for no reason, including cops and nurses. I mean who in their right mind would fight someone and risk getting killed or sued because they refuse a blood draw. This one will wind up in the Supreme Courts just like forcing medical tests on children of parents who follow religious cults. Same principal really. Good subject...
  12. http://www.wlos.com/...los_index.shtml Later guys...
  13. They wont take mine without my permission this is for certain. It's been tried
  14. I think you're missing the point. Ideologically there's no difference if your rich and powerful or someone with 100 on your cc. It's about ethics and privacy. Perhaps you could explain how hopping around in your undies is correlated to stealing someones identity, selling your email address and personal information or turning your credit card numbers over to a large hackable list
  15. Absolutely. You know what they say. If you don't like the weather here....go home (JK) It's raining now and all the groundhogs are holed and squirrels nested and huddled. I love love love the rain. It's the searing heat I cannot handle. After I get my clothes washed I'm out in it. The leaves are starting to change here a bit too. I cannot wait. I'd like to focus for a minute on our endangered Cougars. They have been pushed and hunted until they are almost gone. I live directly across from The Asheville National Forest Service. Anyways, no sense in rambling. Just don't hunt them please? One estimate is there are only 900 left in the wild. Very sad. And I have heard them, they sound like a loud baby or woman screaming when they are mating...will make your hair stand on end. (Courtesy Fish And Wildlife Service) North Carolina Ecological Services Eastern Cougar (Puma concolor couguar) Status: Endangered Description: The eastern cougar is described as a large, unspotted, long-tailedcat. Its body and legs are a uniform fulvous or tawny hue. Its bellyis pale reddish or reddish white. The inside of this cat's ears arelight-colored, with blackish color behind the ears. Cougars feedprimarily on deer, but their diet may also include small mammals, wildturkeys, and occasionally domestic livestock, when available. Habitat: No preference for specific habitat types has been noted. The primaryneed is apparently for a large wilderness area with an adequate foodsupply. Male cougars of other subspecies have been observed to occupya range of 25 or more square miles, and females from 5 to 20 squaremiles. Distribution and Range: Sightings of large cats have been reported in many areas of NorthCarolina. However, most of these reports are unconfirmed as cougars,and none have been theeastern subspecies. The eastern cougar is considered by many to beextirpated from North Carolina. Listing: The Eastern Cougar was listed as Endangered on June 4, 1973 under the provisions of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (as amended). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Your Help... TheU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is beginning a review of scientific andcommercial information to determine the status of the endangeredeastern cougar, the first review the Service has done since publishinga recovery plan in 1982. Aspart of the review, the Service is seeking information on the status ofthe eastern cougar in the 21 states -- from Maine to South Carolina andwest from Michigan to Tennessee -- where the Endangered Species Actprotects it. Lacking definitive evidence of the species' existence,the Service has presumed the eastern cougar to be extinct. It isimprobable that a small cougar population persisted in the easternstates for over a century. Most of the confirmed cougar records since1950 (animals killed, good quality photos/videos, genetic evidence) areknown to be escapes of captive origin. There may be thousands ofcaptive cougars in the eastern United States. Anyone wishing to submit information regarding the eastern cougar may do so by writing to: Eastern Cougar Northeast Regional Office U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 300 Westgate Center Drive Hadley, MA 01035 or by email to EasternCougar@fws.gov. Information must be received by March 30, 2007, for the status review,although the Service will continue to accept new information abouteastern cougars at any time. For additional information on the eastern cougar, see www.fws.gov/northeast/ECougar. Questionsrelated to the Service's endangered species program or other programactivities can be addressed to the appropriate staff from our Asheville or Raleigh Field Offices. Thank you! Oh yeah. We saw 6 wild turkeys day before...big ones too.
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