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  1. 1. Finding that the new restaurant is for Jamaican food. 2. Started celebrating my BD 13 minutes ago
  2. 1. Ad Aware. Messes up the registry and removing the task-bar icon is next to impossible. Well without reinstalling it...according to them. 2. Ordering things on-line and then having them make it next to impossible to take the service off your credit card.
  3. That's pretty mean. Ok...what did you call her?
  4. Some godless heathen has to to it In my opinion the term Atheist shouldn't even exist. And if it weren't for the dogma........it's an empirical fact. I think that was a compliment of sorts and thank you. To be honest with you I was too busy to watch Mary Hartman Mary Hartman but maybe this will help you or your mom It's so stupid it's funny.
  5. The overwhelming majority of people don't think this.
  6. Thank you sir.... An Atheist's Creed I believe in a purely material universe that conforms to naturalistic laws and principles. I believe that the life we have is the only one we will have, that the mind and consciousness are inseparable from the brain, that we cease to exist in any conscious form when we die, and that it is therefore incumbent on us to enable each person to live their one life to the fullest. I believe in the power of science and reason and rationality to further deepen our understanding of everything around us and to eventually overcome superstition and erase the petty divisions sown by religion, race, ethnicity, and nationality. I am in awe of the beauty, vastness, and complexity of nature and the universe, and the fact that all arose purely by the working of natural laws. I believe in the power of ideals such as peace and justice and shared humanity to inspire us to create a free and just world. I believe in kindness, love, and the human spirit and their ability to overcome challenges and adversity and to create a better world. I believe in the necessity for credible and objective evidence to sustain any belief and thus deny, because of the absence of such evidence, the existence of each and every aspect of the supernatural. I refuse to bow, prostrate myself, or otherwise cower before the deities of any religion. I am neither tempted by the fiction of heaven or any other form of eternal life nor fearful of the fiction of hell. I choose to live the dignified and exhilarating life of a free-thinker, able to go wherever knowledge and curiosity takes me, without fear of contradicting any dogma. And I really dont think most Atheists take these things to heart. It's just what is to us
  7. Theory of relativity? No that's gravity, right? What goes up must come down=what goes in must come out? Reminds me of Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory Thanks Doc, needed the laugh/
  8. The light and the Science make these things gorgeous. Quite true. But like I said, to Nathan just because X=Pretty.......it does not make X=Only a God Can Create this because we cannot explain it and god knows all. I 'hope' you can see that. I can see the association though, how you can see it. If that makes sense. You have been taught by media and persons all your life that god=beauty. Gorgeous pictures though and thank you for them. I love pictures of the galaxy. And I'm glad a portion of the world are allowed to be free thinkers.
  9. Like I said 'God' is not a fact. It's a concept. At least you can see that, showing there's hope for you yet. I would suggest your first statement 'Your Rabbi,' makes you believe what he wishes you to believe. Sort of like herding cattle now isn't it? I refuse to be herded like cattle. Athiests and Agnostics outnumber any ONE organized religion in America. But I wouldn't suggest attempting to herd them together. As far as Theism being here first, that is highly unlikely. I find your lack of reasoning is tainted by things which cannot be proven. I do however understand how if you are brainwashed all your life, you cannot change at this point. You would definitely look like a fool to all your associates. Right? As far as the web site goes. It was chosen much the same as the bible was....it was written, so it has to be accepted as fact and that's that. I find believing these things to be morally incomprehensible for most religious people. That is not my issue, their morals are built on religion. Just because something is comforting does not make it so. I wont hide or apologize for being correct either. X=God X=Comfort that you wont die? X=Not getting tossed out of your congregation. This does NOT imply that X=fact. These things may rightly be true in your peer groups.....according to them. However your peer groups aren't worldwide. How many centuries has your religion been here now? How many centuries has the world been here? And your stating that Theism was here first? Bring me your evidence on that. Theism is more believed among the very intelligent elite? Nope. Theres nearly 7 Billion persons on this Earth between 2-3 Billion believe in some sort of god. I don't have anything against you really. I could tell you a story that would blow your mind. Do 'believe' this is all just discussion. And many Atheists simply wont discuss it at all. I do feel this is changing.
  10. For some reason this remark cracked me up. If it gets bad I guess you may have to get them to butter you up when you just wobble like a weeble Were you 'indoctrinated' to these 'diet gods' as a child? Or were you introduced as an adult when you had enough cognitive brain power to decide for yourself on the power of these 'diet gods?' Shopping through the book store made me happy. Now I will visit a new local restaurant to let my hair down. Edit: Just came to my red headed brain many may be asking what a Weeble is? It's a childs toy most kids love. Has no arms or legs and wobbles about. clickable.
  11. I guess 'thoughtless believing' is what truly makes my head spin. Sort of like it's a pre owned right that a god exists or that most everything 'theists,' say is proven correct because it can be found in the bible. Hades is a pretty good step to think of. Hades was actually a Greek myth. More on mythology to think about for now. Love this subject. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT TILL NEXT TIME Theologians and preachers think that they have this whole Greek hades thing all figured out. They know how many compartments are in this Greek hell, and who is going there and what happens there and all about it. They have studied what the Greeks have to say about their little hades/hell place of eternal torture, and it’s all quite simple to them. Whatever the Greeks say this hades of theirs is and represents, then that’s the way it is. After all, should not the Greeks know all about their very own hell? This, however, presents a problem that I doubt few have ever considered. If theologians think that it is the Greeks who should be defining the meaning of the Greek Scriptures to us, then I submit that they have created their own two-edged sword. Here is just one major problem they will have to solve: The word in Greek for "hell" is hades, and the word in Greek for "God" is theos. Now then, since theos comes for deus and deus from Zeus (Zeus being the main god of the Greeks), did Jesus really teach that, "You shall love the Lord your God [the Greek theos, deus, that is, ZEUS] with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and GREAT COMMANDMENT" (Matt. 22:37-38)? According to the Greek Scriptures, did Jesus really teach that the great commandment is that we should LOVE the Greek god theos, that is Zeus? Are we really to "LOVE the Greek god ZEUS," with all our heart, soul and mind, in order to avoid being eternally tortured in the Greek hell of hades? The theologians have not thought this through very well. If the Greek Scriptures do indeed teach that the unjust go to the Greek hell, hades, then they also teach that the just are to love the Greek god, Zeus! Think about it. Be sure to read "HELL"—Part D. May God grant you the faith and courage to trust Him that He might give you "the love of the truth that you might be saved" (II Thes. 2:10), Courtesy http://bible-truths.com/lake16-C.html
  12. Very well stated Patrycja. I'm not bulling you. I just prefer honesty. I say what I honestly feel. Many hate that approach, but I feel it cuts through the nonsense. I truly feel believing in fantasy god's is very dangerous for the world as a whole. Oh I didn't think you dishonoured me Let's all enjoy ourselves.
  13. IMO Obama won both debates. For The White House. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq7Zg-A5_Rw
  14. > The best measure of intelligence is the right to choose as far as I'm concerned. I will choose to point out 'God' is a 'concept,' not an empirical fact. The world runs on facts, at least mine does.
  15. This would be exactly what I wrote... A meter in determining how intelligent they are, is a far cry from calling them "stupid." Presidents have said there's a god true. Let me remind you, they are the very best of talking heads. It's their job to try to please everyone if they can. I have no inclination to think your doctors are stupid. I do however tend to feel they review your chart before they see you... It is also their job to please most everyone if they can. If you were a doctor, would you tell your religious ill patient their is no god? Hiipocratic Oath http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath wont allow it. Peers however will
  16. Theism was coined to contrast with atheists. Just silliness as far as I'm concerned.
  17. So in other words you have no place to stand....agnostic means you don't wanna make a stand in one arena or the other. You have been judged by me now haven't you, and I by you right? You can say all church members are stupid, if you wish. Make a stand believe in something, either it is or it isn't....there's no in between....oh yeah....that's purgatory right
  18. I don't put much trust into anyone who believes in fictional beings such as gods, tooth faeries and the like. To me this is a very good meter in determining how intelligent they are. Religion has been used over the centuries to control. That is it's main function........control.........how others feel, eat, sleep, or screw for that matter. It's more practical to take things as they are, appreciate love, beauty and life EMPIRICALLY. We must also accept our immortality thusly. Codex Argenteus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codex_Argenteus (added at edit)
  19. I have to agree with you there. There's always some racist chump somewhere who would love to make a name for himself. Sad but true
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