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  1. I was wondering what shows were released this past year or two or if anyone knows if there were any shows that were released in better sound quality (such a sbd of a former aud. show) Thanks!
  2. I was at the show on wednesday. I heard Phish cover about two minutes of it at the soundcheck and I was just thinking they were going to play some zeppelin song. I never imagined it would be No fucking Quarter!!!! They did a great job in my opinion. And the whole show was great!
  3. hmm for pre 1973 shows: the whole 1972 american tour in multitrack sbd would be heaven. especially 6/7, 6/11, 6/14 and 6/15, 6/19, 6/23, 6/25, 6/27 and 6/28 and multitrack sbd for the 1971 Tour of Japan. that would be absolute heaven
  4. Hey everybody I was just wondering what "new" bootlegs were released over the past year. I know of the magical sound boogie from the June 7th 1977 MSG show, but that's about it. Thanks!!!!
  5. japan 1971 USA 1972 and that week in Germany where bonzo and Page set the stage on fire every night I'd say all those are pretty much even.
  6. My favorites based on quality have to be 9/23/1971 tokyo 2/28/197 baton rouge 11/25/1971 leicester 3/17/1973 munich the tokyo and munich shows are must haves in my opinion
  7. without a doubt my favorite is 6/11/1972 in Baltimore. the most fun version i've heard and Plant does this one "ooh baby" that gives me goosebumps
  8. i was always deterred from listening to the show because of the original cruddy quality of the recording but I just listened to Thank You and wow what an amazing performance. A SBD of this show would be a dream come true (a real dream would also include 9/19/70 and 6/19/72
  9. reading 1984 for the second time and i've been listening to a lot of Muse (which kinda goes hand in hand haha)
  10. my favorite one to listen to is from 9/29/71. it's incredibly creative and intriguing
  11. The John Bonham Story Listen: Next on: Monday, 15:00 on BBC 6 Music Synopsis Episode image for The John Bonham Story Rock superstar and lifelong Led Zeppelin fan, Dave Grohl, celebrates a man who the Encyclopedia Britannica describes as "the perfect model for all hard rock drummers that have followed." John Henry 'Bonzo' Bonham, drummer with legendary rock outfit Led Zeppelin was born on 31 May 1948 and died, tragically, on September 25th 1980. Featuring exclusive new interview material from stars including Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and Carmine Appice, as well as the key industry
  12. i listened to this and i gotta say it sounds more "muffled" than the Mike the Mike version when you play them right after the other. but i gotta say on its own, it is a pretty damn good version
  13. I love the solo from 5/21/77 in houston. it's only 19 mins long but it is so creative, like the solos in 71-72. the energy on that one os really great as well now i gotta find the ft. worth over the top
  14. At least 2, The Ocean and The Song Remains The Same some of my favorite songs that would be in the list (no particular order)- You're So Square - Buddy Holly Minor Thing - Red Hot Chili Peppers Running On Empty - Jackson Browne Ooh La La - The Faces No Woman, No Cry (Live) - Bob Marley One of these Muse songs - City of Delusion, Falling Away With You, Falling Down or Knights of Cydonia Champagne Supernova = Oasis
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