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  1. just got Muse's Black Holes And Revelations on vinyl
  2. I took it from the bootleg titled "Listen To This Eddie" from the 6/21/77 show in LA. I am a huge fan of Bonham and this is one of his best shows. Basically i think eddie is Eddie Kramer and he chose not to record any of the zep shows from 77, but this one is amazing. I wish there was a soundboard of this show so i could hear Bonham's drums better

  3. Muse-New Born The Dead Weather-Treat Me Like Your Mother I think it's one of the best songs of 2009 My Morning Jacket
  4. Hello! always glad to hear from another zeppelin fan

  5. not much man, just listenin to some good tunes, how about you?

  6. saw shutter island tonight. Scorsese is too cool for school
  7. my friend's dog i took care of over the summer damn, it's not working
  8. to be honest i thought queen with paul rodgers sucked i know that rodgers is a good singer but i guess for me a singer has to have a certain kind of tone in their voice, and i guess he just doesn't do it for me
  9. Annoying? definitely the singer from Journey and Paul Rodgers, their voices are so irritatingly clean, and their some of the cheesiest singers ever. Not to mention every singer from post-grunge cliche bands like nickelback and creed. oh yea and conor oberst, he just sounds like he's crying all the time
  10. Sry if this has happened but I wanted to discover other versions of SIBLY to listen to. My favorites are from 9/29/71, 3/17/73 and 6/27/72(i think has Jimmy's best solo for the song) and I also recently listened to the Adelaide show from 72 and that has a pretty nice version
  11. My professor made a mistake with the picutre. The philosopher that looks like bowie is actually Max Weber
  12. I really wish they would have played Hey Hey What Can I Do during the acoustic sets of the shows from 71 and 72
  13. It's Emile Durkheim, i checked out other pics of him on google images and he looks more like Lenin but this painting is just so funny
  14. In one of my classes we talked about different philosophers and one of them looked like david bowie... ...if bowie grew a beard, that is
  15. i think i would pick Nobody's Fault But Mine, Achilles Last Stand but for just an awesome emotion In The Light and Ten Years Gone
  16. some of my favorites off the top of my head are: Rave on (i love buddy holly, but i also love when zeppelin covers buddy) Going Down Twist and Shout (9/29/1071) Only The Lonely (6/19/1972, i love roy orbison) Lawdy Miss Clawdy
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